How to rescue photos from RAW Canon camera memory card?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by courtney_xoin, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Hello, my digital camera MicroSD card doesn’t work as before recently. The digital camera just says the inserted memory card needs to be formatted before any use. When trying to read it on my PC, a not formatted error message is also popped out and the file type of this memory card is also turned into RAW. Please help me take my camera photos and videos back from this RAW file system MicroSD card. Have you heard or used such memory card data recovery software, like
    Do they work for me to rescue everything back? Thanks for any suggestion here!
  2. Did you try the software that came with the camera?
  3. Does Micro ship a recovery disk with their card? I know Sandisk includes a rescue disk for their SD cards - which has saved me in the past. Thankfully, I haven't experienced many issues with my Sandisk cards and the only time I needed to use their recovery CD was when I stupidly began reformatting the card in my laptop instead of in my camera. In the process, I erased files I needed. The recovery app worked great. You might check to see if Micro has a similar recovery app.
  4. I have tried in the past Recuva and it may do the job for you, I don't recall why I don't use it? However, what I do use works really well and that's: EaseUS Data Recovery Software.
  5. Hello, this kind of errors occurs when your canon camera's memory card is affected by severe viruses, which further make file system of memory card as RAW. Due to this, the data like photos or videos stored in the canon digital camera will not visible. I don't know about the recovery tool you are talking. How it works? But, i have referred this link that helped me a lot. In order me to bring data from canon camera storage card.

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