How to remove the top cover from a Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35

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  1. Hi all,
    After some long time lurking in the boards, I finally registered with a question to ask. :)

    I've acquired som time ago a Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35S, with the removable pentaprism. I'm trying to get the top cover off, and after a long time spent studying the thing... i can't!
    I've come as far as to remove the rewind knob and film speed dial. Then I unscrewed the top of the advance lever (clockwise). It gets me to the film type selector but no further (see picture - when I'll find out how to upload it).
    I'm unable to figure out how to dismantle the advance lever and the speed selection dial. They need to be removed in order to lift the top cover. Has anyone some idea about this?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Sorry I can't offer any assistance here. I recall seeing on the Net somewhere, a view of the electronics of this or a similar model..SL706? I can'T fund it. My first thought was it belonged to theis very nice site. I have included a page specific to the Icarex though no disassembly info and ... it's in German too. Some of the pages are available in English too, but opening your search for Bessaflex and ZI SL706 or if any synergies were carried over to the Rolleiflex SL 35/350 or Voigtländer VS1
  3. this link though no real help was interesting to read. It demonstrates the cross compatibility
  4. Hi Chuck and thank you for your time.

    Here is a page with a disassembled view:
    Not much help there but a proof that it is feasible. I'll try to email the page owner.

    I'll read the details about the evolution of the Icarex design. I've searched for the same details for SL706 and VSL1 SLRs
    with no luck, but there is probably more types to lookup.
  5. I'm currently discussing by mail with the author of this photo gallery. The interesting part is not documented, but we are both trying to find out what's missing.
  6. I'm back with finally a solution.
    For the record, dismantling an Icarex 35 CS should not be so difficult, it happens my camera had some oxydation preventing me from unscrewing some of the retainer rings.
    Anyway, for the record, here are the steps from the start:
    1 - Remove the thin cirle of leatherette on top of the advance lever
    2 - Unscrew the two-pinholes nut - it is retaining the covering for the film type indicator. Unscrew by turning CLOCKWISE.
    3 - under the film indicator covering, there is a C-shaped - this was sticking due to the rusty parts underneath on my camera. Same as previously : unscrew by turning clockwise. You'll need either a special tool or very great care to do this due to the unusual shape (see picture).
    4 - 3 additional normal screws are retaining the remaining parts. Once removed, the advance lever and plates just lift up.

    5 - Finally, 2 normal screws ensure the speed selection dial stays in place. Just remove them, take note of the speed selection position, and remove.
    6 - You can remove the top cover.
    Also, SURPRISE! Once the top cover of my camera totally removed, I found out that... the whole frame-counter mechanism was missing ! Too bad, but that won't keep me from using it :)

  7. So does the surprise mean.. poor quality control or.. "you're not the first one to take this apart..! ie the others missed some parts upon re-assembly?
  8. Clearly someone already took the camera apart. I suspect they did wash some rings with water, and by doing so caused the oxydation.

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