How to recover file numbering?

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  1. I was checking and reformatting some CF cards on my D1H (all empty) and now when I take a photo the camera has reset itself to DSC_0001.
    I have tried copying the last photo (DSC_3354) I took back onto a (reformatted) CF card into folder 100NCD1H. That photo displays fine on the camera but when I try taking another photo the camera creates folder 101NCD1H and starts from DSC_0001 again. I have tried this with and without using the File No. Seq. reset in the camera's setup menu.
    I don't really want to have duplicate file names, is there a way for me to reset the camera's file numbering back to where it was?
  2. There is a menu setting whether to reset or continue file numbers from card to card. They will reset automatically once you reach 9999, but the directory name will increment.
    As a precaution, make sure you copy files to a named directory on your hard drive, preferably named with a sortable date code (e.g., yymmdd). You are somewhat protected from duplicate file names because the directory serves to create a unique file identifier.
  3. Thanks Edward, I have the camera set to continue file numbers and I have switched cards before without the file number resetting. I don't know why it acted differently this time, but I sort of solved the problem for now -- I changed the File No. Seq. menu setting to OFF (numbering does not continue from card to card) and the camera will increment from the last number in the current folder). If I change the setting back to ON, the camera creates folder 101 and starts from DSC_0001 again. So I'll have this problem again next time I reformat the card. Arrgh!
  4. You might look at Irfan View (it's a free program, do a Google search....)
    IrfanView will let you copy and rename your images with almost any identification you want, so you would not likely ever have DSC_0002 on your computer two [or three] times.
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  6. Thanks Jerry & Shun.
    Jerry, I do have Irfanview. I believe Nikon Transfer, which I use to download the photos, will also rename the files but I was hoping to reset the numbering in the camera itself so I wouldn't have to worry about that until I hit 9999. I've had this camera for about 4 years, so at this rate it wouldn't get to 9999 for another 8 years or so.
    Shun, your post in that other thread got me all excited but alas it didn't work. Once I take the card out and put it back the camera increments the folder number and the file numbering goes back to 0001. I dug out my copy of Moose Peterson's D1H guide for assistance and he specifically mentions this as a quirk of the D1H with no known fix.
    Oh well, I guess I could always fire off 3354 blank shots.
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    I don't have a D1H, but I have numerous different models of Nikon DSLRs since the D100, which was introduced a year after the D1H. There are always setting options to retain the image number count in the camera.
  8. It occurred to me that the camera "knows" the card has been removed so if I could remove the card without the camera knowing about it then Shun's method should work. I tried removing the battery, turning the camera on to drain any remaining power, shut off, removed the card, renamed on the computer, replaced the card, then reinserted the battery. Still no luck. There's probably a coin battery inside to remember the camera's settings, but I don't think I'll try removing it any time soon.
    So far the only way I've found to keep the camera from creating a new folder is to turn off File No. Seq. in the menu, which will mean the file number will reset to 0001 when I reformat the card or put in a new card.
  9. My D1x would occasionally reset the frame counter and start a new directory. I never found out why. There is an internal battery, somewhere, on the D1 cameras. It's just inside the battery housing on D2 and D3 cameras - easy to replace.

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