How to record a digital image on film

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  1. There used to be some machines that could transfer images into 35mm film. I don't know if they still make any but I would be interested on what machines those were. I recall one that we used back in the early 90s that had a nikon 2000 camera attached to it and we would do digital images and transfer them to slides that way. Anyone who can help me with this?
  2. I would be interested on what machines those were​
    They were/are called film writers and they were available from a number of makers like Lasergraphics III or Agfa Solitaire. They also were available in different resolution output quality such as listed by pixel output such as 2K, 4K, 8K etc. Many models had the ability to accept different film formats-35mm to 8x10.
    Pretty much faded from the scene now and can be found cheaply if you can find a computer/OS to run them. They were very pricey when new, however, costing thousands of dollars.
  3. Firstcall in the UK have something that puts digital images onto film, though it looks like B&W only:
    Firstcall UK Processing Services
    I like to think that the only advancement in enlarger technology yet to come is a small laser projector, Wi-Fi connected, that fits into the enlarger head and writes onto the silver-paper. Of course, the 'darkroom-only' sites' hardliners would have a duck egg and not know which side of their wall they should be behind.
  4. My local lab can record to color slides
    or B&W negatives. I've never used this
    service, but they do all my processing
    and scanning and everything has
    always been first - rate.
  5. Thank y'all. Actually the answer by Luis Meluso is the one I was looking for. Some services are available but I was interested in having my own apparatus to process images into slides.
    Thanks again
  6. You can use this thingy. Using the LCD panel and either the LED or tungsten light source. Use a 35mm camera with close up capability. It's best with a bellow and enlarging lens. You can have up to 17MP on to transparency film.
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    Some services are available but I was interested in having my own apparatus to process images into slides.​
    Can probably pick up a decent 4K (don't go less) film recorder dirt cheap these days. Professional Marketing in AZ might be a place to contact (, or there's ebay. You still have to deal with a good lab to process the film. Years and years ago I ran Solitaire film recorders, quite good and on the small side.

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