How to pose/direct a model for a noir-style portrait shoot?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by iKokomo, May 29, 2021.

  1. Previously, I posted about doing a noir-style photoshoot with a good friend.

    I was just wondering how I should direct/pose my friend to evoke a moody/vintagy noir look?

  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Get a couple of noir films you favor, have the friend watch at the least chosen clips. Refer to the clips " Bacall / Bogie in..."
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  3. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?
  4. Don’t think of getting a natural look. Go for a posed look that works. Along with the pose, consider shooting at off and extreme angles. Tell your subjects to look guilty or sinister, with an air of subtle sexuality or brooding. Looks downward often work. Tell them to think of intensity. Words you might consider in terms of pose and expression are stylish, cynical, and hardboiled. Think sneering, not smiling. Even if you don’t have them smoking a cigarette, tell them to think like they are.

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