How to physically distinguish between F2 & F3 focusing screens

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  1. I will appreciate any information on the subject.
    I purchased a Nikon F2 focusing screen H2, and received it. The labels attached (to the packing) by the shop clearly say F2 and H2 screen. However, the screen itself has (on the black metal frame - short side) H2 followed by Nikon and Japan - all in red lettering. Also, the black metal frame (one long side) has a lip, and the opposite long side has an angular/sloping small notch. BTW: the item came in a plastic box/foam insert, in a Nikon F3 sliding cardboard jacket. I would think that the screen is an F3 screen, type H2. Am I correct?
    Setting aside the Nikon cardboard jacket, how would I physically distinguish between and identify the F2 screen from the F3 screen (assume I have nothing else to go by) except the screens, and whatever Nikon lettering they may (or may not) have on the metal frame.
    Thank you all for the information. If anybody is interested, I purchased this from KEH (grade EX; looks like new), for USD20.00.
    Roy 03 Jan 2013
  2. I apologize: I purchased it for USD29.00. Roy, 03 Jan 2013
  3. F/F2 screens have 2 small notches on the left edge, F3 screens have the fingernail lip on one long side and a single deep angled slot/notch on the other side/front edge.
    You can use either one in an F/F2/F3, only problem is it may fall out if used in the "wrong" camera if you invert the camera with the prism removed.
  4. Just swap the metal frames from the glass and the F3 will fit in an F2 camera.
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  5. Roy, what you have is obviously an F3 screen, not an F2 type. If I were you I'd return it, since it isn't as advertised. As the previous poster said, you can switch the condenser and fresnel assembly, but this is hardly convenient if you want to change screens regularly. Besides, $29 is a bit steep for a used F2 screen IMO.
  6. Thank you all for the identification method, and suggestions. What I received is (obviously) F3 screen. I will just it in my F3 (have a standard K screen).
    Thanks to Rodeo Joe also; it would be difficult to switch/swap the metal frames for F2/F3 use; besides, I would like to avoid touching (with bare skin/fingers) the glass surface, or worse, scratch it. I have an old F3, and will use it there. BTW: there is a eBay dealer from Germany who has Nikon F2 screen H2 at USD130.00 (!!!; maybe new). The F2 screen H2 does come up on eBay, and at KEH also for about the price I paid.
    Roy, 03 Jan 2013
  7. No need to switch any frame, just drop it into an F or F2, the springs on the prism hold the screen in registration, the notches are just there to stop the screen from falling out when you invert the camera without a prism installed.

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