how to open top cover SRT-101

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  1. Hello group, I have a question: I have a SRT-101 here wih a non-working light meter, the needle is al the way up. I have measured "volt" inside the camera (under bottom cover), so the battery is working. I have read somewhere about a sticky needle, so I am trying to open the top cover. It is very difficult to remove the right lever and the left flat circle plate without damaging them. I don't know if I have to pull or turn them like a bolt. There is no easy movement in both parts. Any advice? I am lost at the moment.
  2. on the picture it is the left lever with chrome cover and the right chrome circle thing.
  3. The winding lever cap unscrews. There are a spring and a washer under it. After removing them, the lever can be removed.
    Not sure, but I believe the rewind plate also unscrews. Also, don't forget the small screw that hides behind the red dot right below the word "Minolta".
  4. Thanks Bob! I also have done some research, here is a nice website:

    and parts of the service manual can be found here:

    I have read somewhere I needed a flexiclamp, and all I have is an ordinary tool for waterpumps, so I have used that with reasonable result, minor scratches. They both unscrew.

    The needle was not sticky, it can move freely. So it is something electrical, too much hassle. I think I will sell it again, too much work using it with an external lightmeter. It could be a nice camera for macro, with mirror lock up, don't know yet. I compared the shuttertimes with my Dynax 7, and the timing of the SRT is still very good.
  5. Did you check the battery voltage at the battery case—or at the meter side of the switch?
  6. I checked battery voltage also under the top cover, there is 1,5 volt between ground (outside of the camera) and the two lightcells glued at the prism house.

    After the lightcells there goes a wire to somewhere, can't follow it anmymore with my volt-meter.
  7. Because I wanted a good working SRT and I found another very nice deal: two SRT 101 bodies with lenses and UV filters and other stuff.

    One of them has a little problem, the shutter curtain sometimes doesn't close all the way (I have to check this by myself), so on photo's there are over exposed parts. Lightmeters are working fine. So now I have 3 SRT's, a good one, one with broken lightmeter and one with the shutter curtain. I think the one with the curtain could be an easy fix.

    Any experience with this kind of problem. Drops of oil somewhere inside?
  8. I also have an SRT 101 with shutter curtain sticking.
    Found that I can use it for flash photos since shutter speed is fixed at 60 and the flash duration will not cause over exposure.

    However I now have a new A-100 and this will be retired, along with my Kodak retina.

    Old cameras never die they just gather dust.

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