How to mount E-510 to Meade Telescope

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by darryl_ols, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. I've had an E-500 for awhile now and didn't think much of mounting it to my 10"
    telescope because trying to focus the scope while looking through the tiny
    viewfinder didn't appeal to me. Now, however, I have the E-510 and the 'live
    view' option sounds like the answer to this problem. Now, what do I need to buy
    to connect it to my telescope's 2" focuser? And where do I get it/them?

  2. I'm not sure what your telescope's interface is. For many telescopes, you can get a "T" adapter for the eyepiece mount, for which you then need a "T" adapter in your camera mount. The camera mount adapter screws onto the eyepiece adapter and then you can just bayonet your camera body onto the telescope.

    I don't know how common "T" mounts are in the 4/3 bayonet. If you can't find one, you can get a "T" mount in, say, M42 or OM mount and then get an adapter from that to the 4/3 bayonet.
  3. Will this do the job?
  4. You need 2 items. #1 Buy one one of these depending your telescope type. e.g.: Televue 2" Camera adapter #2 buy a T-mount adapter for the Olympus E-510.
  5. I bought:
    #1 - 1 X Celestron #93414 Olympus OM to 42mm T-Ring adaptor
    (Have not yet seen Olympus 4/3 to 42 mm T-Ring adaptor
    #2 - 1 X Olympus MF-1 - Olympus 4/3 to OM adaptor

    #1 screws on to your eyepiece adaptor (if its 42mm male) or your Barlow lens adaptor
    (again if its 42mm male), you then mount to #2.
    #2 then mounts on your E-510.

    MF-1 OM Adapter (OM to 4/3 Lens Adapter)
    Permits the adaption of certain Olympus OM lenses to be used with the E-1, Evolt E-300,
    E-330, Evolt E-410, E-500 and E-510.

    - Autofocus(AF) is not available.
    - Stop-down metering is used.
    - Spot metering does not work properly.
    - You will have to figure out what the aperture of your telescope is.
    - Always use the viewfinder for focusing.

    - You may require:
    VA-1 Vari-Magni Right Angle Finder (2x viewfinder magnification)
    ME-1 eyecup (1.2x viewfinder magnification)
    to focus properly

    Part #1 may not be right for your model. Check with your nearest telescope reseller

  6. > "Now, what do I need to buy to connect it to my telescope's 2" focuser"

    Oops, Part #1 will definetely not be the right one. Look at Celestron/Mead and others for 2"
    focuser/barlow for adaptors to Olympus OM. -Dan
  7. "(Have not yet seen Olympus 4/3 to 42 mm T-Ring adaptor)"

    I have found one on ebay. I linked to it above. Check it out.
    Also, I don't think I'll need anything else because I have a ring adapter that goes to a SBIG camera. I'm sure it will screw into the 4/3 to T-mount I bought on Ebay.

    The right angle view finder is not needed because of the Live View feature in the E510.

    However, thanks to everyone who took an interest in my problem. I'll post my results with pics later.
  8. There are so many knowledgeable members on this group. I alas am at the bottom of the learning curve.

    In simple terms I have, like Darryl, purchased an Olympus 510 and wish to connect it to my MEADE ETX-125 Telescope .I would wish to use the LCD screen on the camera to view the images before taking the picture.

    Obviously I need the facility to attach an adapter to the telescope and likewise to the 4/3 mount on the camera. Do I need a T-mount? What does it actually do?

  9. carries all kinds of adapters for the Olympus 4/3 cameras. T-Rings, 1.25" Prime Focus Kits & 2" UltraWide Adapters.

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