How to mount a Simon-Omega D2 Enlarger?

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  1. Hello friends,

    I recently jumped on a chance to purchase an enlarger with several lenses for less than $100, but it unfortunately came not attached to a base board, as the included instruction manual shows. The base of my enlarger is a hollow cylinder, essentially, that seems to want a very solid cylinder to attach to and make its life complete.

    Searching eBay for 'base' or 'mount' has mainly turned up auctions for the film holders. I can't imagine a perfect-diameter slice of PVC pipe glued to a board would work? I'm not particularly crafty for a B&W photographer. Thank you for any suggestions.

    (I hope this post is in the right place. I couldn't find any relevant topics in Equipment, or find any subforums in B&W).
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    I would try a comprehensive type hardware outlet and look for iron pipe fittings. They have threaded bases with screw holes that can be mounted on a table or board with screws, and threaded pipe nipples that will fit the threads. Pick a nipple that will just fit inside or outside the enlarger tube - drill and run a bolt through tube & pipe, or use the always handy epoxy. I have always mounted my enlargers directly to the countertops, but I have also had all of the parts, so it was just a question of bolts and butterfly nuts.
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  3. If you are missing the baseboard you are probably missing the baseplate as well as the bolts and dogs/lugs.
    The base plate is attached to the baseboard and the dogs/lugs hold the column to this using the bolts and collars.

    The bolt and lug sets are easy found on eBay but not so easy to find the baseplate part unless you find a complete baseboard.
    Try KHB photographic as they seem to have baseplate and bolt sets...
    Baseplate and Mounting Hardware for Omega D & E Enlargers - Used

    KHB is a great resource for learning about Omega enlargers.
    The Omega Enlarger Guide: Simmon Omega Enlargers menu page

    Make sure you understand the differences between D2 and DII as there are differences with mounting.
    I have a D5, actually a couple, if you need pictures of respective mounting parts.

    Another option is to forget mounting to a baseboard and mount it to a wall instead. This might be easier with just some steel bar or angle iron. Do a google search for wall mounting Omega D, I am sure this can be done without an original Omega bracket without a lot of work.
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  4. This is no big thing, use your noodle. This is a pipe that fits into a flange that you can mount at one end of a rectangular piece of wood. Measure the outside diameter of the column (pipe). Best would be a something like the metal base flange used on flag poles. You should go to a large hardware store, tell them your story and they will likely help you find a part something that will work. Consider the base anchor used for satellite TV antenna. Consider a boat hardware store, they use lots of railings with flanges that mount on the deck. If you find an iron pipe flange or a railing flange that is slightly too big, buy it. Get a short piece of pipe that fits it. Take the stuff to a machine shop, they will make an adapter that interconnects the two tubes. If you buy a treaded iron pipe flange that is slightly too big, you can mount and pour in hot liquid lead, this will make a snug fit (maybe you can try epoxy instead of hot lead.
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  5. I have a D6 that works in a similar way as the D2 I once had. There is a ring that fits around the base of your enlarger chassis and it would bolt directly to the baseboard. You can also mount it directly to a table top or workbench as you need. It only takes some simple nuts and bolts and a drill. This assumes that you received all these parts when you purchased your D2 but if not there are already sources on this thread for the missing parts. You'll need a second set of hands to make this job easier and safer but it's not complicated and doesn't take long.

    Rick H.
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  6. P1010003.JPG P1010007.JPG I just bolted my DII to the countertop. Of course you will then have to make sure that the countertop is level. Not that hard to do but a second set of hands to help is nice because it is somewhat heavy.
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  7. Thank you, everyone, for your kind suggestions.
  8. I have a D2V and a D5. Contact KBH photo as they have many used Omega enlarger parts. Looks like the mounting base and hardware costs $75 from them.
  9. +1 bolting to the countertop, and add steadying struts from the top of the column to the wall - that will shorten the time you have to wait for vibration to subside after making adjustments.
  10. I wish I had a photo handy of the setup I had. As John Harper suggested I had a wall brace which attached to the wall and top of the enlarger. I also used the wall mount for the base of the D2. It was rock steady.

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