How-to Manual Part 2: Unanswered questions (Experiment in crowd-sourcing)

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by leslie_reid, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Why aren't new photos at the top of Trending, Editors Picks etc. Enormously time consuming -- time wasted seeing things you have already seen. If you just keep loading more, shift end, load more, many images never open. The mind boggles.
  2. If the order of the pictures in my galleries can't be restored to how it was before "the change" (and maybe it can be), it should at least be possible to make the order stop changing! I find a picture in one of my galleries that I want to look at it, so I click on it, then when I click on the "back" button to go back to the gallery view and continue searching for other pictures, I find that the order of the rest of the pictures has changed. How can I do an organized search through a gallery when every time I look at one picture the order of the others changes? C'mon!
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    • If you want to see the most recent uploads (which I believe is what you're asking) then go to Explore>Browse Categorys>Recent

    • Trending are recent uploads that have been gaining the attention of the community by way of views, comments, admires, favorites. The more attention the receive the higher on the page they will go, thus trending.
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  4. Sorry to ask this here, but I've not received any responses to sent messages. How do I go about deleting my account and getting a partial refund on my recent subscription renewal?

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    Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.22.29 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 9.05.27 PM.png
    Not sure I understand the question. If you don't like scrolling on these pages - you can click anywhere on the photo and a lightbox will render only the photo with no scrolling.
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    Hi Michael, We have no record of any of your questions, email or in forums. What were they? Feel free to PM me if you'd prefer. GP
  7. ****THANK YOU! ****<br>
    "My Activity" addresses issue of following comments on photos!!!
    Given how I was so mad about the issue, it behooves me to acknowledge this new feature.
    Thanks again, and moderator, feel free to shuffle this comment to a more appropriate thread at your discretion.
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  8. I scanned this and other relevant thread but couldn't find an answer. When I go to my portfolio page, I only see the first 25 of my images. When I scroll to the bottom, there's no provision to load more and nothing loads automatically. Is that how it's supposed to work? If yes, what's the point of the limit exactly? If not, then is a fix in the making? And shouldn't "portoliio" be called "profile" and vice versa? I get confused every time as to what's what and where!
  9. That's definitely odd behavior. I see all of mine in the "photos" view of the portfolio page, and I see what looks like all of yours (155) in your public home-page view. You aren't by any chance just seeing the ones in your b&w gallery? That'd be about 25.

    [had to add a paragraph break to see if it works] I also get confused by the terminology--it makes it difficult to describe how to do things in "How-to" because the terms aren't clear. I'll add that to the bug report.

    edit: paragraph breaks worked using just the return key!
  10. Nope, just the landing page after login (which I wish I could change to something else). 25 images, my latest uploads. Stays at 25 images if I select a different criteria but displays the correct set of 25 each time. No such issue when I select each gallery, it is just in the "photos" view. Google Chrome or Firefox, both behave the same.
  11. Really odd. I just logged out (Safari) and logged back in with Chrome, and the problem showed up with neither--when I scroll down there's a momentary pause when it hits the end of the loaded photos, then automatically loads the next page. Do you see the entire portfolio in photos view if you go to the forum side of the site and then back to your home page? Could you write this up for the bug report thread--when you do I'll add it to the list.
  12. I don't have Safari but just tried and logged in with "edge" - and I get 50 images (first twenty five but it quickly adds another 25; then it stops and nothing more loads). In google chrome and firefox, I can switch back and forth between forum and portfolio as often as I want, I never get more than 25 images.

    If I go from forum to my profile page, I always get PN's home page, independent of which browser I use.

    What exactly do you want me to do? Write something up and post it here? Or in that bug thread? It seems that I am the only one having the issue anyway. It's odd for sure, but not something that overly concerns me since I am not really using the photo site of PN much. It would only be worth fixing if more people have the same issue.
  13. Me too. 25 images and no way to get more. IE11 windows 8.1
  14. May be by design in portfolio. I can go to a gallery with more than 25 photos and it will show them.......
  15. No worries--I'll write it up using the info here. And regarding your LaTeX comment in a different thread--I remember it as being one of those classic "good news - bad news" issues-- good news: we could submit conference abstracts electronically; bad news: we had to use LaTeX to do it.
    I don't think it is by design--I'm getting the whole set whether I'm logging in via Chrome or Safari. My guess is that it's a temporary issue, probably related to Library also being unavailable--the pattern suggests to me that they might be doing some work on the access time issue for the photo database--I'm noticing that jumping from Forums to portfolio is really quick now. Then again, I'm an optimist.
  16. Thanks Leslie. I hope PN will at the very least give you a free lifetime membership here for all your efforts.
    Exactly, because LaTex text survived being transmitted by email intact only to be screwed up by some editor down the line.
    FWIW, I had that issue since the rollout.
  17. That does put a very different spin on it--thanks for the info. I'll modify the bug report.
    Wayne--has your problem with missing photos been there since the start, too?
  18. Can't remember for sure! I do know that I can get more (all of them, I think!) in galleries (I can go right thru a gallery) or from my profile page. I think it's just on portfolio that I get roadblocked. I hope I'm getting this all right.
  19. FWIW, I had done some reordering in a gallery that took a while, sometimes it seemed to bog a bit, maybe indicating something might have been stuttering somewhere.
  20. I might have mentioned it in another thread, just can't recall which one. Kinda hard to go back through ones postings when one can only do it 20 entries at a time.

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