How to know the camera rolleiflex serial number

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by carlos e., Jan 26, 2005.

  1. I was the winner in ebay of a Rollei 3.5 which seller say it's an
    Automat model but it was a 3.5F. The Serial number was erased
    and I only can to see the finder lens and taking lens numbers.
    With this only, could I to know the camera serial number?
    The Finder lens number it's: 4105501 and Taking lens number
    it's: 4095912.
    Thanks very much by your help
  2. Try Harry Fleenor's list:
  3. I don't think you can find out the serial number if someone has removed it from the body. UNLESS, the serial number is imprinted elsewhere.

    Which lens does the camera have?
  4. Often the serial number will reappear; when a tad of acid is applied to the removed sanded off stamped number. The acid reacts more in the higher stressed areas; under the stamped numbers. This and other methods work on engine blocks and guns too. Many more modern valuable items have hidden serial numbers; and numbers in deep in the software too.
  5. Olivier, thanks you, but the list only give you models and serial
    number, without the taking lens numbers....
    Mike, I know that it's very difficult, or maybe impossible, but I
    believe that there is a certain correlativeness between the taking
    lens number and the model and making year. Isn't there?...
    Kelly, thanks for your help but, sincerely I wouldn't can to do this,
    I think that it could be dangerous for the camera's aesthetics.
    Thanks to all.
  6. Well for one thing is the taking lens a Zeiss Planar or a Schneider Xenotar? Schneider has a list of serial number vs build year on their website. There are other clues that can use to determine the subtype of 3.5F but the lens number is meaningless, since it could have been used in any number of different models offered in the same time period.
    Must have been a good deal, 3.5F for the price of an automat!
  7. To Mike Elek: Sorry I forgot to give you the lens; it's a Carl Zeiss
    Planar 1:3.5 - f=75mm.
    To Mike Kovacs: Yes Mike I also think so, it was a great deal
    because camera it's 100% operating. I believe it could be a 1960
    3.5 F.

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