How to join Canon Professional Service

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by brideday, May 15, 2004.

  1. Hello, having now switched to Canon, how do I join Canon Professional
    Services? Is there a link on the web? Thanks,

  2. In germany you have to be a working professional photographer who ownes at least one professional body and two professional lenses.
  3. Sorry, what I should have asked is how to get an application to join CPS. I am in the United States and cannot find anything on canon's website or even under a search. Thanks again.
  4. When in the United states, you need to call canon to have them send you an application.
  5. --> "Canon Professional Services" --> Enter.

    How hard is that? :)
  6. or 516-328-4283, ask for Joe DeLora
  7. Macman, thanks for the info... but I like your second post better. I had tried google but keep getting European country CPS links, none for USA.
  8. Here is some info I found on
    Canon USA Inc. <br>
    One Canon Place <br>
    Lake Success, NY 11042-1198 <br>
    Attn: Canon Professional Services <br>
    (516) 328-4283 Phone <br>
    (516) 328-4809 Fax <br> <p>

    CPS members are categorized into three types: working press, freelance and commercial/studio. <p>

  9. The cpsloan address does not seem to work any more.


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