How to interpret the sudden drop in Canon 100-400mm L price in Amazon ?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by sankars, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. I noticed just now that amazon has dropped the price of Canon 100-400 L IS from $1610 to $1440.
    In the last year or so, to the best of my knowledge, I did not see a trend of dropping L lens prices( except for brand new lens models like 100mm f/2.8L IS macro ). So I am not sure how to interpret this, although I would like to believe that it forebodes a 100-400 replacement ( remember seeing a recent rumor in as well) .
    Any thoughts ?
  2. Well, I went ahead and ordered one in Amazon, hoping that even if it gets replaced, the price of the older model will hold up . Am I right here ?
  3. Sankar,
    Does it matter? If you are happy with your lens and the price you have paid then that is all there is to it, have fun :)
    There have been rumours of an upgrade or change to the 100-400, but even if it is just a MkII version previous MkII's have shown a large price increase, this tends to keep the value of the MkI's up nicely.
  4. zml


    > recent rumor
    Recent? The replacement of the 100-400 and appearance of the mythical 3D are the most frequent speculations on the 'net and have been for many, many years. Just the other day some random guy approached me as I was shooting and said that he'd buy a 1D4 (which I was using) but he's waiting for the "imminent release of the 3D, a much better camera." You wouldn't believe the laughter he got from the pit full of photogs...
    My crystall ball is a bit cloudy but get one if you need a 100-400 zoom - it is a very good, versatile lens.
  5. Does it matter? If you are happy with your lens and the price you have paid then that is all there is to it, have fun :)
    Amen! That should be printed on every box. Sankar, enjoy your new lens. It's one of my most favorites.
  6. I'm a new Canon fan, slowly building a set of lenses and I love the great comments people have for the current 100-400mm, but I am hoping they upgrade within the next year. My friend who uses it, loves it, it takes awesome photos, the only complaint he has is the sensor on the camera gets dust and he has to clean it frequently.
    So maybe the upgrade will eliminate the dust issues.
    I just bought a camera bag that would fit the new 100-400 :)
  7. Don't know if any "improved sealing" would be in the 100-400's future. Many complain that it's Push-Pull zoom is the cause, But I'm not totally convinced! Maybe it varies from one sample to the next, but owning mine for several years now and using for both film and digital, I personally haven't found the Push-Pull vacuum effect I hear of.
    I think the dust problem has a lot to do with "lens changing techniques" more than the lenses functionality. After all, it is a big, heavy, and somewhat awkward to change compared to the 50, 100 and many other lenses.
    If there is a replacement for the 100-400 in the wings . . .I hope it's for the newer generation IS much like that on the 100mm f/2.8 L IS Macro.
    IMHO, if you get the 100-400 L . . . You won't be disappointed!
  8. I think I put a comment out once before about this one. If you change the internal volume of the lens by zooming or even by focussing, then the lens will pull in or push out air, and some small dust particles may come along with that air. It really doesn't matter if the action is twist or push-pull.
    If the volume change is big, then you'll displace more air and maybe get more dust.
    Take care. I also am waiting for the upgrade, along with the mythical 3D, but since this is mostly a matter of bank balance, then it's easy to wait ;-)

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