How To Increase Image Size Without Loosing Quality?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by david_park|3, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I received a photo via an e-mail and would like to see it in large size. When
    I enlarged it, the photo quality was terrible. I realized the original image
    size was only 59X88. I have Windows Media Center and Canon Camera Window which
    came with SD450.

    Thank you.
  2. Simple answer David, you can't. There is just no detail to work with.
  3. write back to the sender and ask for a high resolution copy....
  4. The question is how do you create data that doesn't exist? Hmm...
  5. Many times when we get dinky inputs like this from customers its just that they saved the thumb image off a website instead of clicking on the image and then saving it.
  6. You could try interpolating it but you will not get 'photographic' quality. Can be suprising what you get, favourably :). But probably your programmes do not have that function.
    You need to specify a printing dpi and then the size you want to look at.
    Interpolating ... the computer looks at existing pixels and creates extra pixels to fill the gaps when the enlargement is made. It may cure the blockiness and replace it with blurr. Long time since I did it :) Probably minimum programme you need is Adobe Elements to try this. Maybe easier to get a higher resolution copy sent to you if that is possible. There is a programme designed to do this called Genuine Fractals but your need is an extreme case I'm afraid.
    Good Luck
  7. And sometimes, you might even luck-out a bit! My wife and I are looking into buying a retirement condo, and we receive automatic email listings from realtors. One came in of interest, but the sign in the external thumbnail shot was tiny and unreadable. I wanted to research the place a bit, and the listing gave me no info.

    So I opened the miniscule file in Photoshop CS2, set it to 32-bit mode (for maximum enlarged quality), and step-upscaled it. And at around a 2x4-inch print size (at @300dpi), I could actually read the place's name in the sign... which allowed me to look it up on the web.

    I would never want to print the result, but there was apparently just ENOUGH data in the thumbnail, that the sign in the upscaled version was readable.


  8. There is a 'free' programme which will do the job for you and that is at .. just thought to look at my copy :)

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