how to get this photo effect?

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  1. Hi!
    Does anyone know how to achieve this photo effect and some online free tutorials to put this into practice? Or other similar photo style photographers?
    What is the technique the photographer used to get this look and what steps do you think she followed?
    You can see many other similar photos here:
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Good luck!
  2. Initially I would say small aperture for a shallow depth of field. Then Photoshop edited. Some lightening of skin tones of model on road and some colour enhancements.
    A similar look can be achieved using film. Fuji Velvia E6 film and Polariser with 81A warm up filter and standard processing. Maybe some tweaking in Photoshop at the final edit.
  3. Is this spam for the site where those photos are posted?
  4. Thanks a lot for the answer, Frank F.
    Ellis, I don't know why the images cannot be seen....
    You have here some new photos links:
    Thanks again!
  5. SCL


    Many contre-jour shots, fill lighting, enhanced orange tones, enhanced saturation.
  6. Many of those photos appeared to have been hamfisted edits of small web sized JPEGs of photos made by Lisa Holloway. They're not a good representation of her work. The copies of copies are mushy, lacking in finesse, and inferior to the photographer's own originals.
    Drag and drop those samples into any Google Image Search box and you'll find the original sources. In some cases the photographers discuss their techniques.
    Or Google around for "lifestyle photography portrait actions" and similar terms. There are lots of tutorials on accomplishing these effects in Photoshop, Lightroom and other editors.
  7. "Is this spam for the site where those photos are posted?"​
    It doesn't appear to be. The photo host site is just an alternative to Imgur, Photobucket, etc. Fairly commonly used, although some sites block that particular host.
    There's no direct link to the original photographer, so it's not spam/SEO for her either. It appears to be a bunch of small web sized JPEGs someone lifted, re-edited (badly in some cases) and used to demonstrate their Photoshop actions or perhaps as an exercise, who knows.
  8. yes, those are photos by Lisa Holloway, do a google search.
    She is active on a couple of photography forums, Fred Miranda and POTN (Photography on the Net), not sure about here. In some of the "people" section threads she shows a before and after image and explains her processing style and Photoshop techniques and equipment used - quite useful
  9. thank you very much!
    That's a great information!
  10. Thanks for clearing things up and the Lisa Holloway connection.
  11. Initially I would say small aperture for a shallow depth of field.​
    Large aperture for shallow depth of field.
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  12. I think the photo is edited in Photoshop or some kind of same photography editing software

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