How to fix leak leaks on old film holders?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by jean_philippe_amans, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. hello

    I have some old linhof sheet holder with presur plat and they are not light
    proof. Some light came in by the dark slide port.

    what can I do?


  2. You probably need to clean (brush) or replace the velvet in the light-trap. Most, but not all,
    of the Linhof double plate holders have screws which allow the holder to be split open to
    examine, clean or repace the velvet.
  3. If it is holes you are patching. Permatex, makes a black (opaque), non hardening gasket material. It comes in tubes at auto part stores (in the US). This stuff works wonders on rotting bellows, etc.
  4. Buy new ones
  5. I agree with Leo - a trashcan works very well.
  6. Before trashing them like Leo and Frank so crassly suggest, send it to me and I will send you
    a nice modern but used 4x5 holder.
  7. Hello
    thanks for your answers.
    in fact screwed linhof holder can be disassembled and felt can be reversed.
    riveted linhof holder can be dremel disassembled but are not easy to "rebuilt"

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