How to find actors for a “fun” “causal” “non-professional” short film?

Discussion in 'Video' started by iKokomo, Mar 8, 2021.

  1. In college I enjoyed scripting, filming, and editing 3 short films with my Canon XHA1. I do the occasional wedding video with my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (1080p).

    However, I really enjoy scripting/shooting movies, However, since I do not have my college friends around, it is much harder to film movies.

    I was just wondering how I can find actors (they don’t have to be amazing or even very good). I just love crafting stories and filming like some people enjoy writing short stories.
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    Check your local schools for acting classes, also any local amateur theater groups.
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  3. If this is anything but a class project or contracted work, there are legal issues you must resolve, including model releases, and parental permission for anyone under age. Even if adults are used, you need written permission to publish your work, which means if anyone other than you or the talent views it.

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