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  1. Hi everyone!
    I love this photographer's work. She has such beautiful vivid colours, I'm wondering how to achieve such vibrancy in Photoshop? I find that when I up saturation the photo loses quality... any tips on how to do this correctly and what tools to use?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I should elaborate on what I meant by 'losing quality' when upping the saturation, what I meant was, it seems like the more saturation I add, the more detail is lost.
  3. Lisa –
    My cheap guess is the color saturation was done by the camera; probably a higher end camera set on RAW and later converted to JPG.
    How do I come up with my un-educated guess?
    1) Studio work – the backdrop appears to be muslin. White light coming from the upper right on the branch.
    2) On the models body and her dress, white light coming from the left. Possible cross lighting?
    3) On the models head, white light coming from the upper right on her head.
    4) Since the color of the lights appear to be white or about 5500K, not warming at about 6500K. We can rule out color filters on the lights.
    5) Skin tone appears a natural olive, not over saturated red or orange as one might due to post production in Photoshop using color adjustments or even the Velvia setting.
    I tried to read the EXIF data from the picture but it was not there which would/could be normal if the photo was cropped, removed or was shot on film. I suspect it was digital and not film, I suspect it was shot in RAW because when blown up to 500% it was not completely distorted by JPEG compression noise.
    Hope this helps any.
    Best Regards,
  4. Lisa, I can't think of a better or faster way to learn about her technique than to ask her yourself.
  5. Thank you for such an in depth answer! I thought that too, about the fact that the skin tones look natural and therefore was not sure how to do that in Photoshop... I think I will try my luck at asking the photographer!
    Thank you :)

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