how to do slide film on Perfection 4490?

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  1. I have a roll of a Fujichrome Sensia 100 slide film ready to be processed. This will be my first slide film on my Perfection 4490 (have done only negative films till now). So, people who have experience in this: what should I opt for during processing: mounted or not?
    I know that the film has to be as flat as possible for best scans and to avoid newton rings. I usually achieve this by leaving a newly processed film under a number of books for a couple of days. So curved film is not a problem anymore. However, mounted slides are easier to handle and view. If I get my slides mounted, would my scanning suffer in any way on Epson Perfection 4490 flatbed scanner?
  2. I prefer not mounted.
    The only reason to mount slide film is to show with a slide projector.
  3. Hello H
    I use the same scanner and had scanned a lot of Kodak Elitechrome in the past. I used the holders despite the limited numbers it can hold. It is best to test out both ways to see what works best for you. Scanning is definitely a craft to be mastered. It is unlikely to get it right after just the first few frames. However, with patience, I personally feel that good quality slow film offers better quality than DSLR bodies. If you handle it correctly, there should not be any possibility of scratching.

    Sensia scans better than Velvia but the best in the lot from Fuji is Astia. Do post some results.
  4. As far as the 4490 is concerned, the mounted slides are the only holder that works properly. You will get expected results.
    I prefer not mounting the E6, but I wet mount.
  5. Some followup on this thread. I finished the slide film (Fujichrome Sensia 100) using Canon EOS 1N (50mm f1.8 lens), processed it and scanned it on Epson 4490 using Vuescan (I have no ICC profiles for this film and scanner though). Unfortunately, the scans do not appear to do justice to the slides.
    Being a bit too confident, I did not have the slides scanned during processing, so I do not have a scanned reference. The slides themselves look okay (checked with a 50mm f1.8 lens as loupe, but I am no expert).
    I have attached an example. The colors are not as bright or popped as are supposed to be in daylight, what I was expecting from a slide film. I have had much better colors in scanning a drug store negative film (Kodak Color Plus 200)!
    There is also a strange horizontal streak along the frame. It is 216 pixels from top and is around 5 pixels wide. It appears that it may be due to the scanner since I wasn't able to make it out using my 'loupe' on the slide. It is not visible in every frame, but I did notice that it can be made go away when I change exposure or brightness in the scanned images. Any idea what it might be?
    So, can somebody suggesting what could have gone wrong or what I need to check/rectify to get better scan results from this slide film?

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