How to determine shutter speed with R2K & non-AF lens

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by tim_aldridge|1, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. I have an EOS 300 (Rebel 2000) camera and I love it. I also have
    a Bausch&Lomb Discoverer telescope I used to use on my
    Minolta X-370 camera. I bought a T-ring to attach the telescope
    to the EOS 300 and it works great, except I never know what
    shutter speed to use. The "Lens" has a chart that shows
    effective f-stop at various zoom ranges. The camera reads "00"
    for aperature, therefore won't recommend a shutter speed. My
    old camera used to tell me what shutter speed was okay for the
    amount of light entering the lens. Is there any way to make the
    Rebel 2000 tell me when the shutter speed is correct?
  2. I've written up a page of instructions on how to use manual lenses with EOS cameras - it should answer your questions.
  3. Hey, NK Guy, I followed that link and spent the last hour or so
    reading your page. Lots of good stuff there-- thank you very much.
  4. You're most welcome! Happy to help other photographers.

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