How to create this gradient effect?

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  1. I'm doing an engagement session for a friend of mine. I really like the gradient effect at the bottom (with their name). How can I create this? I tried using the rectangular marquee tool --> gradient tool --> selecting mode --> Played around with different modes --> lowering opacity…yet I couldn't quite get the same effect. Anyone knows how to do this? Thanks!!!
  2. I used the marquee tool to select a rectangular area. I copied it and pasted it to create a new layer. Then I used the dodge tool to lighten the central part of this rectangle. The gradient is not as smooth as in your example, but it is a similar effect.
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  4. Using the gradient editor: The top part is opacity, the bottom part is color. You want three stops. Set the color (bottom markers) to white (or whatever color you want to use) at 0, 50 and 100%, For Opacity (top markers), set at 0, 50 and 100% markers, but set the opacity of 0 and 100 to 0, leave the middle one at 100%. You can save it if you want. Then with your area masked off, hold the shift key to keep the line straight and drag across. If you don't like it, just delete it and try again. I say delete because if you go over it again, it will just paint over what you've done.
  5. This works so well in Adobe Camera Raw that there is hardly any reason, other than prevention of burned out highlights, for using actual graduated filters.
  6. There are a ton of different ways to do this. One is to make a new layer make a rectangular selection on that layer then use the gradient tool going from black to white to black again then change the layer blending mode on the new layer to "lighten" that will get rid of the black but leave the white. Then just reduce the opacity on that layer.

    Another way is to make a new layer select a rectangle fill it with white and put the gradient into a layer mask or an alpha channel instead of using layer blending modes. That will get you the same result as well. Both of these techniques will get you smooth perfect gradients quickly and easily.

    The second option is better in my opinion because you can grab that layer and drag it over anything and it will appear the same. Layer blending modes depend on what is below them. Also if you use a layer mask or alpha channel then you can adjust the gradient to be slightly different. You can also change your gradient tool to be linear or circular for some different effects as well.
  7. As above. More professional results with the alpha channels ;)

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