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  1. Hi ,
    I want to know how i can get copyright of a picture ? As i want to get into
    professional photography .
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  2. I don't know whether it applies in all legal systems, but in all I know, if you took the image, you weren't working under a contract that assigned the copyright to someone else and you haven't subsequently signed over the copyright to someone, then it's already yours. There are various measures for setting things in place that go some way to allow you in the future to prove that it's yours, but intrinsically it is.
  3. In the United States, you use this form:

    and follow the instructions. It's pretty easy and $45 per registration.
  4. When you create the photo, file or image, free from a contractual bind, then it is your's and copyright is implied. But to protect your work, or to decrease the opportunity for others to make copies or duplicate your images you should appropriately mark them. Or, for instance if you are providing a customer a CD, then mark the CD with appropriate marking (Copyright(c)2006 Your Name), and also you can/should put a statment on invoices, or deliveries that the prints or images are copyright protected... Of course as mentioned in a previuos advisement, you can register material/prints also.

    Try out this site:

  5. Thanks a lot everyone for advice .

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