How to copy a mask in Photoshop?

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  1. I've started playing with masks in Photoshop, and I can't figure this
    one out and I'm sure there is an easy answer. If I apply a mask to a
    layer, how can I copy that mask and use it on another layer. For
    example: say I g. blur a layer and paint the mask to hide some of the
    g. blur, then want to, say, apply a paintbrush filer to another layer
    but use the same selective mask I used for the g.blur layer, how can
    I do this.

    Or am I going about this all the wrong way? Maybe I don't need
    seperate layers? Also, any powerful tips in general on using masks
    would be appreciated. I can't believe I've come this far without
    learning to use them better.
  2. From the Help:

    Storing masks in alpha channels

    In addition to the temporary masks of Quick Mask mode, you can create more permanent masks by storing them in alpha channels. This allows you to use the masks again in the same image or in a different image.

    You can create an alpha channel in Photoshop and then add a mask to it. You can also save an existing selection in a Photoshop or ImageReady image as an alpha channel that will appear in the Channels palette in Photoshop.
  3. For reference, you can copy a layer mask as follows:
    1. Create an (empty) layer mask (the destination).
    2. Run Edit>Apply Image and select the source layer and Layer Mask from the Channel drop-down list. Blending should be set to Normal and Opacity to 100%.
  4. If you've got one layer that is already based on that selection, you can choose Layer: Load Selection and that will do it, too.
  5. Drag the channel in the channel pallette onto the 'create new channel' icon (bent corner page icon). Instant copy...

    You can also copy and paste any channel, just like you do a file, select it first, copy and paste into new channel. You can also drag and drop channels or layers from doc to doc.
  6. We're making this WAAAAAAY to dificult :) To copy a layer mask to another mask: Command-click (control-click on PC) on the layer mask of the layer you want to copy. this loads the mask as a selection. Select the layer you want to ADD a mask to in the layer palette. Click on the "add layer mask button" (the second one from the left) on the bottom of the layer palette. To make a layer mask for multiple layers: Create a layer set (the icon that looks like a folder at the bottom of the layer palette) and drag you layers into the new layer set in the layer palette. Click (hilite) the layer set icon in the layer palette and the click on the "add layer mask button" (the second one from the left) on the bottom of the layer palette. This will pply one layer mask to any layer dragged into the layer set folder. Regards, Adobe CTT Photoshop
  7. Here's the way I copy my masks: I alt-click on the actual mask thumbnail which lets me look at it as a b&w image. From there you can copy and paste and paint like normal. Also good for importing images as masks, like when exposing for different areas in a scene to get 10 stops instead of 5 of exposure latitude. Anyway, this helped me.
  8. >>>SIMPLY: Hold Alt + click and drag mask to layer you want it copied to.

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