How to choose a camera for recording video inside the house ? Any options?

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  1. Guys, could you help me with home camera choice? Really don't know what to buy, especially when my friend are complaining about bad video quality and poor picture of their nanny/home cam(
  2. One easily available option is to use a higher-quality cell phone camera for video. They work surprisingly well in low light.
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  3. SCL


  4. I think Brian is asking for a recommendation of a home surveillance camera.

    Leaving your mobile phone at home would kind of defeat the object.

    Apart from that. Sorry, I have little experience with such devices, but I do know that cheap dash-cams are a complete waste of money.
  5. Call B and H ask them what you need and your budget.
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  6. For a few hundred dollars, you could find cameras with cinematic quality that fits in the palm of your hand (GoPro or Sony RX0). For $1500 and up, the camera could be fully remote-controlled. NDI (licensed by NewTek @ $500 each) enabled cameras can be used from any location on earth. At the other end of the scale, you can get kits with 5 dash-cam quality cameras for under $500. Besides the cameras, you need installation, monitoring and (possibly) recording capability.

    As my father-in-law would say, "You can do practically anything if you're handy with money." @AllanKlein has the right answer.
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  7. Your inquiry was a bit open. Are you intending home family event/party type of video capture. I almost typed video taping, but that is so analogic.
    Are you seeking video surveillance? Family recording is well within economical means right up to 4K. So is surveillance.

    Getting quality is easy these days. I agree, Alan stated B&H website and it is indeed a good starting source of search. Family recording cameras are still sometimes referred to the throw back title of handicam. Even baby monitors are 4K.

    The one caveat here is with any surveillance, or baby cams is if they are wireless, it is imperative to create your own new tough passwords as most wireless uses the 'convenience' of the internet to send you your images of baby to your phone while on the golf course which opens your personal feed to possible intercepts of your signals. There is no question this happens every day with wireless cameras on the internet. And always get 1080 HD as the base minimum. That said, from B&H:

    Video Cameras | Digital Video Camera | B&H Photo Video

    WiFi & Wireless Cameras | B&H Photo Video
  8. Just re-define "your" &/ mobile phone? - Dunno, aren't there sufficiently impressive tripod video camera phones already flooding the x<50€/$ market? Undead batteries, no RAM, prehistoric OS, who 'd care?
  9. My Nikon D750 does a great job! As do most smartphones. Even very cheap Gopro style cameras are good.
  10. Hi, poor video quality is always a problem with cheap cams. There are some decent ones out there though. I’m just looking for a home camera myself actually.
  11. There’re a few options but I think I decided on this one: Homam | Zorachka Inc., mainly because it’s one of the few cams that have true HDR. Pretty impressive quality judging by the website. Plus it’s a pretty good-looking cam!

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