How to change the ASA scale on the metering knob?

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  1. Hi all,

    I just got a Hasselblad 500C which comes with a metering knob. I've been looking for a manual for this meter,
    but couldn't find one. In any case, how difficult can using a meter be anyway? Well... Without fearing of
    breaking something, I can't figure out how to slide the ASA scale to set it to the film I am using.. Help please?

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. Insert a coin in the grooves of the central disc, and turn.
    A manual can be found here (under the heading "Accessories").
  3. Hi G T

    Not sure if this will help, but on my Pentax 67, you lift the knob and then turn it to the desired asa setting. Apologies if you've tried this already. Stu.
  4. Thanks QG!!! That was a fast response and thanks the link to the manual.
  5. QG, by the way, I tried to download the 500C manual from the website you gave me, the file will get an error when I tried to open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. And if you were to just click on the link and open it in a web browser, the file will stop at 6.98MB and stop downloading. I tried to write to the webmaster on the site, but can't find the email address. Then I noticed there is a Q.G.'s V-System Close-Up Calculator, and thought you probably is a contributor, if not the owner of the site... so I am notifying you and perhaps you can fix it.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    cc Stuart, I do have a Pentax 67, but for the Hassy, it doesn't work the same way. I noticed the grooves QG pointed out and thought they were designed for coin, but didn't dare to try.
  6. Re: 500C manual. I just tried and it opens, downloads and saves just fine. Using Mozilla FireFox 5.0. My 2 cents Jim M.
  7. G T<br><br>The Hasselblad Historical site is a project in which a number of people are involved. But apart from producing one or two minor contributions to the site's content, i also happen to be the one doing the 'menial work' on Hasselblad Historical.<br>Thanks for the error report! I'll look into it.<br>The annoying bit with these kinds of errors is that when you try to see what's wrong, it works (i use IE7, have tried it using Firefox 5 too). I think the more probable cause is the version of the Acrobat Reader that is used. Perhap - if you do not have that one already - trying the latest version will help?
  8. Hi Jim, thanks for the info.

    Hi QG, I downloaded with Firefox, and then again using Firefox Flashgot plugin and I am using Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0.0. I also just use adobe reader plugin inside Firefox, all with the same problem. However, I have to say, I am using Windows XP simplified Chinese version.. so perhaps that is the problem. And thank to you and other contributors, Hasselblad Historical site is very informative and such a great site to help a novice like me.

    I did find a 500C manual from M. Butkus's site and another and their version seem to open fine. I will continue to try to see if I can get a version from Hasselblad Historical. Thanks a lot for your help!!!!
  9. Hi QG,

    I used IE to download the manual -- it stopped at 99%. Then I tried to download again. The downloader picked up what was already downloaded and continued with the remaining 1%. So I have the 500C manual now. Perhaps the network was having problem.... anyway, thanks a lot!
  10. Glad you got that sorted out quickly. The metering knob is one of the best little gadgets in the Hasselblad toy box, a joy to use and pretty accurate too, in all but the most extreem conditions. I normally bracket generously with transparency film, as is advised practice anyway. But incident readings with the m knob have delivered such reliable results my with negative films, that I don't feel the need to bracket. Top marks to Gossen.

    I've got a few Hasselblad bodies, but for quick grab-a-kit occasions, I reach for the 500C with metering knob in place.
  11. Jenny,<br><br>With a good meter, and the know-how how to use such a thing, bracketing is only advisable if the aim is to waste film.<br>;-)
  12. "With a good meter, and the know-how how to use such a thing, bracketing is only advisable if the aim is to waste film."

    Q.G this is utter rubbish

    Thanks but when it comes to advice on working with transparency film, I will take mine from the several experts in the field I've worked with, and those who teach in colleges, and those who have written books of more substance than you could poke a stick at, .. and oh, I may as well mention my own experience.

    You just can't resist from being the arrogant, must-put-someone-down jerk.
  13. If you like to think so.<br>But it isn't rubbish. The purpose of using a meter is not to have to guess how to expose your film. And that works perfectly fine.<br>If not, it's neither the film, nor the meter's fault.<br>And that is a hint, you could think about, and use to improve your skills. Not a put down.
  14. I'm with Q.G., if you know how to use the Hassy meter, there is no need to bracket with transparency film. At least, I never have and the trannies have always turned out the way I wanted them to. Now, I suppose in this digital age that there are folks who are bracketing and scanning the shadows from one and the highlites from another and the rest from yet another - more power to them if that is the way they have to work it.
  15. ... If you were a real photographer Q.G. in the real world .... where not everything is always perfect , except your view of yourself,
    perhaps you should have a look at this thread:
  16. Thank you very much for the info. Great site.

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