How to buy A4 paper in the USA?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by bill_tuthill, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. I'm running out of A4 Epson Photo Paper, and want to buy more or
    perhaps Heavy Matte instead. I like A4 size because it is closer to
    full-frame 35mm ratio than is 8.5x11" paper. However no
    longer sells it, nor does anyone else. Is there a mailorder company
    in Canada or Mexico that sells it? Otherwise I'll have to order
    from Europe.
  2. sells a bunch of Epson paper in A4 size.
    Epson A4 paper
  3. Thanks, Marc. Guess I could continue using A4 Photo Paper, although I
    was hoping to try Heavy Matte for more of an inkjet look. Atlex
    does not sell Heavy Matte A4 paper.

    Archived comments indicate that Epson Photo Quality Glossy
    Paper (S041126) is less archival than Epson Photo Paper (S041140),
    which is also heavier. So why does Glossy Paper cost more? I tried
    Photo Quality Glossy Film (S041071) and colors faded within months.
    That one is even more expensive!

    P.S. Archaic US paper sizes are better for 11x17", which is closer
    to 35mm aspect ratio than A3 paper, 11.7 x 16.5".
  4. Try here:
  5. Sadly, Canada doesn't use A4 paper or any of the other DIN sizes. Because of the close proximity of the US, Canada is stuck with the random and non-standard letter and legal business. So going there wouldn't really help you.

    Perhaps you could order from one of the big online retailers that has a presence?
  6. Bill,

    They do have the Heavy Weight Matte in A3. You should be able to cut this in half for A4 size.
  7. Holy smokes, Canada suffers with US paper sizes? My condolences.
    Anyhow, doesn't have even A4 Photo Paper; Atlex does.
    But good idea NK, sells A4 Heavyweight Matte paper and
    my wife has an existing "business relationship" with them.
  8. ted_marcus|1

    ted_marcus|1 Ted R. Marcus

    I make 8x12 prints on my Epson 780 by cutting 13x19 Heavyweight Matte in half. If other papers are available in this size (I think it's called Super B) they should work the same way. It's unfortunate that nobody makes photo-quality paper in the 8.5x14 "legal" size, which would nicely accommodate a 1:1.5 aspect ratio.
  9. Another site that has a great variety of Epson media is You might find it there.

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