How to avoid the "Larger" image option

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by hique, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Hi there.

    I know that when you upload a large file downsizes it to
    a "medium" size. But my question is: What size is medium size?

    I couldn't find it in the document that explains this.

    Actually my interest is to avoid my images to be considered large, so
    I would like to know what is the maximum size that I can post without
    having the file downsized.

    I thought it was 1024 pixels in the longest dimension but I just
    uploaded a 880 pixels image and it was downsized to 679 pixels.

    I would also like to know if the maximum size is in pixels or in

    Thanks for the support.


  2. It seems like you have answered your own question. 680 pixels in the horizontal dimension is the limit, so 679 pixels is just fine.
  3. What about verticals? 680 in the vertical direction or 680 pixels in the baseline?
  4. Marcio, according to the PN Gallery Photo Posting Guidelines, the baseline limit is indeed 1024 pixels. At the same time, it does say that uploading even larger images will not be prevented. However, depending on the screen display size, many viewers will have to scroll to see all of the image - or right click on it, to have the size reduced to fit their browser window.
    I've found an image in the current TRP, that is 1072 pixels in the vertical dimension. It simply does not fit on my screen and either scrolling, or reducing its size is necessary to appreciate the image as a whole.
    I would suggest that in order to avoid the "Larger" option tab, you simply stick to the apparent limit of 679-680 pixels at the baseline.
  5. BTW, about the limit in Kilobytes...<br>Not easy to put an exact number to that question. As a subscriber, I can upload a whopping 100Mb - i.e. 200x500Kb images. Because you're a non-subscriber, you've got a 'soft' limit of 5 uploads. Although there once was a 100Kb file size limit, I imagine that today, you probably would be allowed to post 5 images with a maximum file size of 1Mb each - depending on your overall participation level. Please keep in mind that not everyone is on a broadband Internet connection.
  6. I understand Peter and I surely want my pictures to be viewed as a whole and want to avoid big pictures that occupy much of the server space.

    So I will stick with 680 pixels in the bigger dimension either way. The example you posted has 680 at the base but it is still too large verticaly.

    Thanks for the support.
  7. By the way, I think you from the staff should put a limit to the image sizes. I guess that any picture, even when clicked on 'larger', should have a limit of, let's say, 1200 pixels in the longest dimension.

    The example posted is too big in the 'medium' size, and when clicked on larger is ridiculously big. should prohibit that kind of use from the server space.

    My opinion though.

  8. I agree. The 'larger' image is humongous. Actually it's a useless option. Msx should be 1200 tall.

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