How to adjust shutters on Leica M3 - DIY

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  1. I hope these videos are of some use to people. I've tried to incorporate other peoples suggestions on how shoot
    these "how to" videos better, but I still don't have a camera man. Excuse the kiddy noise in the background and I
    meant to say a strong "LED" light source. Enjoy.
  2. These are great, simple and pretty common sense instructions. I have a question however. Wouldn't messing with the tension make the shutter speeds not accurate? If you could elaborate on that, it would be great!

    Keep em coming, I've actually used the VF adjustment DIY for my friend's M6 and it worked great.
  3. I love these videos. Good job and thanks.
  4. Very useful indeed, Tristan. Thanks so much, and please don't stop.
  5. Thanks, Tristan. Great.
  6. Sam, the answer's yes, and you just opened up a large can of worms and also gave me an idea on a video. I think most Leica enthusiast believe their camera are super precision instrument, and they are, mechanically! However, shutters speed, that's another story. I'm a little old school, so I Iike using the TV trick (I hope you didn't throw out all your CRTs), since the higher speed more interest me. You can do the trick by eye, or on film. Remember, at 1/30 sec and slower you have the complete frame of the TV captured. Therefore, the TV test only works for higher speed above 1/60 sec. These are the simplest and best site for that info.

    If you want more accuracy, you can build a shutter tester. Something, I've been meaning to do, like this one.

    Or, spend the money to by one. There's a guy on Ebay that sells a home made model. The principal's the same as the above site. P.S. I don't know the Ebay guy, but I'm sending business his way because of the prohibitive cost of a professional grade machine. Thanks...
  7. The tensions don't go off, the springs are very stable. The bearing lubrication goes bad. The correct solution is a proper CLA, cleaning the bearings, and properly re-lubricating them. Then you recalibrate using the correct tensions.
  8. Hey John, I'm wondering if all the expert guys really do that in a "full CLA" or "proper CLA." You're principal's sound, but do they really do that? Next time on the phone with Don Goldberg, I'll ask. Thanks
  9. Build a shutter tester yourself.

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