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  1. Hello all. I came across this photograph while surfing. I think it is a very creative picture, and I would like to try this technique. I was wondering if anyone out there has any advice on how to set up the lighting and backdrop. As always, thanks in advance.
  2. hey Brian,
    my take on it - the little guy was laying on mirror (reflection is very clear) and they used medium sized softbox to lit it. judging by shadows it looks like it was to the left top and slightly behind little guy... i'd say there was a lot of processing put into it also - black looks perfectly black, so i think the photog cleaned it up...
  3. I agree. Large SB camera left with a reflector to open right side shadows. Ceiling is black or has a black sheet above subject. Alternatively a lot of PS to cleanup ceiling.
  4. I'd have to say that this looks like some PS magic in the mix. The kids missing half his right leg and his left foot in the reflections.
    But to the lighting question. I don't think it's a mirror. Mirrors are typically back surface mirrors that cause double reflections when not viewed straight on. The way to get around that is to use something else that's surface reflective like polished marble tiles. You can get black polished tiles at your local home improvement center, but they're usually not bigger than a foot square.
    To get the soft light look, a softbox is what I'd think was used. Soft light is created by using a larger light source. Softboxes, umbrellas, brollies, beauty dishes, they all do the same thing in this regard, increase the size of the light source. Umbrellas allow too much light to spill, causing unintended issues. Softboxes are pretty popular, they control spill and let you aim the light. It'd be my modifier of choice.
  5. I also think it looks like a mirror, the reflection is too strong to be a floor, imo, I also agree that it looks like a softbox to camera left which would throw the light under him enough for the good reflected image. It looks like the camera is high enough to avoid any issues from the mirror, and explains why the right leg and left foot are not in the reflection, they are blocked by his body. Very cut pic.
  6. I use black plexiglas to acheive that kind of reflection effect (no second surface image). It's pretty straight forward to shoot on plex with a black velvet backdrop and then digitally erase the line between.
    As for the light, I agree with Greg and Mark that it's lit with a softbox, not an umbrella.

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