How safe are 3rd party batteries?

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  1. Got a friend who picked up a used 60D that included a battery that doesn't hold a charge so she's borrowing one of my Canon LP-E6N batteries. She doesn't have the budget to buy a genuine Canon battery. We were looking at STK LP-E6 batteries on Amazon which costs $13.99. How safe are 3rd party batteries? I don't want to damage her camera.
  2. I have had years of good performance from Wasabi -- I have Nikons, not Canon. Some other off brands have not performed or lasted as well, but none so far has damaged a camera.
  3. I have used 3rd party batteries in my Canon 300D, 30D, 50D, 7D, and G7x over the last 15 years with no trouble. Some might not last as long as a Canon-brand battery but if you stick with reputable suppliers like STK, you'll be OK. Avoid Ebay, direct from China sellers.
  4. I too have bought the "better" third-party batteries off the internet. So long as you can get the right specs, they seem to work just fine. Occasionally one will "wear out" (no battery is immortal) sooner than the Canon batteries, but usually do just as well. For the difference in price you can afford replacing them more often when necessary.
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  5. Just common sense here: To damage a camera a battery should either
    • provide excessive Voltage - Very unlikely to happen
    • leak electrolytes - AFAIK not an issue with Lithium
    • burn
    Any somewhat established (reviews!) third party brand is most likely including circuits that prevent critical discharge (if those aren't even part of the camera). I wouldn't worry too much and buy.
  6. Thanks for the information. Just one question. Looking on eBay for genuine Canon LP-E6's I found a few that cost less than $26 dollars that comes in Canon packaging and the battery and packaging looks genuine. I'm not buying this battery but I wonder if it is a fake? The price is less than 1/2 of what genuine Canon's cost. This one costs $21.99 + $3.99 shipping. Item number 232340097788. I don't buy from China because returning it is such a pain.
  7. Beware.
    eBay is full of counterfeit batteries, memory cards, even filters. (e.g., link)
    Buy such things from places like Charles mentions, not from eBay.
    The B&H/Adorama crowd are also good, but usually cost more than directly from the specialist vendors
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  8. What JDMvW said. B&H may cost a bit more, but they're reliable and worth it...
  9. Amazing read! Thanks a lot for that link JDM
  10. It would be better if you can manage batteries from canon accessories stores. I don't believe 3rd party Chinese fake batteries.
  11. They are not "Fake batteries" they are compatible batteries, manufactured in the very same factories that Canon uses to have their batteries made. As you can see, many of us have used many 3rd party batteries in many cameras for many years.

    If you insist on using Canon brand batteries, it's fine. You can waste as much money as you want paying for the Canon name.
  12. There is no source of reliable data that answers the OP's question. I have been party to one catastrophic battery failure. It was an OEM Nikon battery. While certainly I've heard of many battery (normal) failures, and had numerous (both OEM and 3rd party) over the years. I have never heard of a catastrophic 3rd party battery failure (ie, one that actually damaged a camera) - much less seen the results of one.

    Personally, I have moved to purchasing all 3rd party batteries as I can usually get 3 or 4 for the same price as a Canon. It's not rocket science if you shoot a lot, but of course it's your money.
  13. The Wasabi deal Nail33 mentioned includes a more compact charger with red / green light charge indicators, auto and European plug converters as well as two batteries. They have performed as well as Nikon El En 14 and 15. A lot less expensive. Batteries can fail, and things can be hit by lightning.
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  14. I have used only STKs for some time. They have a much longer life than the Canon units in my experience. I started using them when I shot with my 40d, moved to a 6d and the appropriate STK batteries. I buy via Amazon.
  15. Certainly name-brand batteries have had problems. Consider Samsung phones for example.
    (I suspect that the thin phone batteries are more sensitive to problems.)

    The hardest thing on any rechargeable battery is charging. That is where problems are more likely to occur.

    I suspect that the 3rd party ones that I have have shorter charge life (time before needing charging),
    and maybe also shorter life.

    Batteries warm on charging, and maybe also on heavy use. If one becomes more than warm,
    hot to the touch, stop using it.

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