How reliable is Rollei 35 Lens locking mechanism?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by maciek_stankiewicz, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Hi All,
    One more thing about Rollei 35...
    I was wondering how reliable is Rollei 35 lens locking mechanism...
    What will happen (and when) if I will use it often, retracting lenses around 10 times a week?

    Are these parts prone to worn out?
    If so, will it affect lens' performance?
    After years of using, is there a risk of light leaks?
    Will proper using cause lens wobbling?

    I know it's extremely well built camera but not sure how it will perform after some frequent using...
    Please share Your experience or write whatever You heard from other users...
  2. I purchased mine new in 1978 and put hundreds of rolls of film through it over the years. It is my most used camera. The lens mechanism hasn't the slightest amount of play or wear evident. I never had a light leak either.
  3. I have on old Schneider lens Rollei, which has signs of considerable wear, including having needed a repair for a worn out shutter cocking pawl. The lens is entirely without play or wear and does not leak light. The back is labyrinth sealed, and appears not to use any wearing material at all, making it a good candidate for never leaking light either.
  4. Treat it with respect and you will have no lens wobble issues or cocking/film advance problems. Only problem I had was when a friend dropped mine on it's lens when it was locked out. Not the cameras problem! Oh, he's not my friend anymore either, but for other reason. Of course breaking my camera was the icing on the cake. JohnW
  5. The lens locking mechanism is reliable and sturdy. No problems there. My camera repair person tells me there's one gear in the film winding mechanism that might eventually wear out if you treat the mechanism badly. So take it easy when winding a new frame.
  6. Aside from the standard rule (apparently back to Roman times) of "never force it", I've used my Singapore Tessar Rollei since the early 1970s and no sign of wear, tear, or fragility.
    Where did you come up with this topic of worry? I think there is probably more chance of a solar flare destroying civilization than of a sudden run of failures of Rollei 35s. :|
  7. Thank You all for the responses.
    Looks like Rollei 35 are very durable cameras.
    JDM, My first Rollei 35 S had a loose ring at the front of the lens barrel... Someone messed up the lens, I sold it for parts/repair...
    I was searching for the answer and found few posts about loose lens barrels etc, so here is my question...
    Thankfully my "new" Rollei 35S is OK, it's beautiful and mechanically perfect.

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