How rare are black AE-1 Programs and why?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by j._d._mcgee, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. I really wish I could find a near mint black AE-1 P some day. I
    really love this camera and I would absolutely like to have one in
    all black. I know they exsist and I have seen pictures. But I have
    never seen one in real life at a camera shop that sells used equip.
    Why are they so rare, I mean what kind of production run were they
    on and why were they produced for so short (presumibly) a run? Why
    were they made at all for that matter, my reason for wanting one I
    guess or was it some anniversary or something?
  2. You would be well advised to get an A-1. They are black, do everything an AE-1 P will do and they are a better camera.
  3. KEH has them all the time.
  4. There are many on the auction site, but be prepared to have it CLA'd to get rid of the mirror squeak. I will add that an A-1 plus CLA is closing in on the even better T-90. Then of course you might get the "EEE"'s. So I am looking for the all black FTb(n) or EF or F-1 or.....!!!! Good luck!
  5. You can get the Mirror-box lube for $30-40, so you don't need to budget a full CLA, for an otherwise perfectly working Canon A-1. I got a MINT- A-1 for $125 including the 50mm f1.4 lens. It needed the mirror-box lube to get rid of an occassional squeek, That service cost me $30 + round trip shipping (around $12) so at the end of the day, I got a minty and perfectly working A-1 for under $170, including the f1.4 lens. That's half the cost of a T-90. And, BTW, I didn't want a motor, nor the weight of the motor.
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    Try ebay they run about $125.00 condition will vary and the closer to mint cosmetically the higher the final bid will be. Mine cost $115.00 on a BUY IT NOW purchase it does have slight brassing at the corners and did get a CLA (as does any camera coming into my Kit)They are not really rare just not as common as the chrome ones. And while the A-1 is an excellent camera there are a couple of BIG advatages the AE-1P has over it's older brother. The interchangeable screens for one (yes you can change screens in an A-1 but not in the field in a few seconds. Also the Viewfinder is substantally brighter in the AE-1P. This can be very important if the body is to be used with slower lenses like long telephotos or combo's with doublers. My wifes birding Kit an AE-1P chrome 400mm f4.5 with 2X-A extender uses the AE-1P body rather then one of the four A-1's I have sitting mostly idle around here because the viewfinder does not black out like it does with the A-1.


    Mark W.
  7. Hi!
    To at least attempt to answer your original question, the black-body AE-1 Programs are only rare in a relative sense. They were part of the normal production run for the camera, but since the purchase cost was at a premium over of the chrome-body cameras, relatively few of them were bought. Off-hand I don't know if the brand-new cost for a black-body AE-1 Program was approaching that of a brand-new A-1, in which case folks probably just opted for the black-bodied camera with more features (i.e., the A-1). As an aside, Canon offered black-body cameras for all the normally chrome-body models (AE-1, AE-1 Program, AV-1, AL-1, and from what I understand, the AT-1 near the end of its production run -- although I've never seen one myself).
    The black-body AE-1 Programs are out there, and really not that difficult to find; what IS difficult is finding one in the condition you are seeking for a reasonable price. They do seem to be popular collector's items.

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