how old is your shutter?

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  1. random poll because I'm curious: what kind of camera do you have, and how many
    times has your shutter been fired?

    for my part:
    *ist DL with 7286 actuations.
  2. Oh my - K10D with 20,000 actuations.
  3. One of my Rolleiflex cameras was the subject of a set of calculations by a group of friends a few years back and it showed a conservative estimate that the camera had been cycled a quarter of a million times in it's 40 year life. Approx ten years on it's still going well and has never been serviced as far as I know, least not in the 35 years of my ownership. It is still smooth in operation albeit silightly louder than my other Rolleis. It can, of course, still be repaired if required.

    I also have a K100D about 6 months old with approx 500 actuations but don't have any illusions about it's long term quality, fixability or longevity.

    As a family, we have had three camcorders in the last 12 years and they hav eall failed after about 3 years and been thrown away due to their being beyond repair, or cost of repair. The last one, a JVC DV model has just failed after 2 years and the repairer has told me that it's "not really for making videos like you want to do, it's really only for shooting the baby on the lawn and the odd holiday".

    I strongly suspect that DSLR mosels are going to go the same way if they have not already. Welcome to the world of the (expensive) throw-away camera.
  4. I'll keep it short (but I can't resist saying that my 18 month old, $2,500 a piece DVC-30's
    have about 35 hours each, and Panasonic sez to replace the heads every 100 hours.
    Which machine gets the most use for the money?):

    K10D #1: 5154

    K10D #2: 4233

    190,613 to go!!!!!!!
  5. I'll play along.

    Had an LX (used for profit and fun) that had approx 95,000 frames taken until it was stolen.

    K1000 was around 75,000 and still worked great and sold that one.

    6 x 7 16,300 shots until I sold it. That was a big mistake but I can buy a used one now for 20% of what the old one sold for now.

    K10D 5965 shots

    K10D 5482 shots (second body I just sold when the *istD came in)

    D*ist 3486 shots (about 300 are mine. Bought used from a trusted source so I'm fairly sure it hasn't rolled over or been reset)
  6. And how would I know?
  7. I have a Leica M3 that has 100000 +. Then two M6`s I bought new in mid 80`s with way
    less than 100 rolls thru each.

    Leicas will easily go a million with some service. you see they are not expensive.
  8. Sorry, are speaking about five digits figures for film cameras ?!!!
    But this is a fortune in film and processing...
  9. My ist D and K10D both have about 7000 clicks each...K10D is 10 mos old, ist D i bought (essentially new LN- with all original accessories, most likely a store demo) about 18 mos ago.

    My film cameras I wouldn't know. I worked at a lab on 2 separate stints where I either processed at an extremely reduced cost or nearly free. For a long time I was processing my film for $1 per roll so it was really cheap.

    My film cameras are KX, K1000, P30t(sold), Program Plus, ist 35mm and PZ-1P. The PZ-1P was used a lot for sports in college where film was free so I'd guess it has the most frames on it by me. Guessing 25K.


    K10D: ~7000

    ist D: ~7000

    PZ-1P: ~30000 (wish they made a digi back for it, one of Pentax finest cameras)

    ist 35mm: ~1000 (this one is pretty accurate for film 30x36 approx, no second control wheel, was never a favorite other than size with grip)

    Program Plus: no clue, bought used, shot lots of film myself, maybe 10-15K my beater/workhorse camera.

    KX: no idea

    K1000: approx 10,000

    p30t: bought used but the guy told me got it used and he was told no film ran through it, he hadn't run any either...i should about 20 rolls through it one summer, so 720 shots, resold it for more than I paid.
  10. Unless there is something hidden in the circuitry of
    my PZ-10, I couldn't guess at the film. When I first got it I shot an internship with Miss
    Universe. Film and processing
    was free and there were plenty of girls to shoot. I probably shot a hundred rolls a week.
    That was the fastest that camera EVER used batteries.

    I used to set up labs for a major drug store chain. I HAD to run film through the machines
    to make sure they were working and the company had no way of tracking material usage
    before the store opened. I don't know how many weddings I ran on the companies'

    Before that was the P30t and the Spotmatics. We rolled and developed our own film more
    than anything else. I guess I could try to count how many 100ft film cans I can find...

    If you are trying to find the Shutter Count, it is in the EXIF data for every exposure. The
    only way I know to see it is with 'PictureMe' - a shareware program. I still can't believe I
    booted XP just for that though...
  11. If you're the original owner of your digital camera, the file name of the last picture you took should be the total number of times the shutter has been fired. in other words, the file name of the first image i captured was "IMGP0001" and my latest image is named "IMGP7286."

    i'm sure there are ways to reset that count, and i'm not sure what the file names will be after i get into the 5 digit range, but there you have it.
  12. I have a LX which I bought used so whatever it had on it, I have added about 4000 to it in the past 2 years. On my K1000, I have around 2000. On the K10D, 5628.
  13. I got my K10D used with 2700 or so clicks on it. It now has ~24,000.
  14. Since I have 2 K10D's and my intern has a K110, all bought within 6 weeks, all of us having similar file names was getting to be a pain. I bumped the frame counters up to 2500, 5000, and 7500 to make the files easier to sort. The only way for me to know for sure is to check the EXIF...
  15. How do I get this magic number when my K10 resets the counter after 10000 shots. Is there any reason for such a small counter and why is it not getting fixed in firmware?
  16. Sorry, PhotoME is the app. Look for 'Shutter Count' - it is WAY down the list...
  17. thanks for the useful software link to PhotoMe Matthew.
    Found some interesting data like camera temperature beside the shutter count :) greetings, Markus
  18. *istD: 10200 // k100D: 1200 both approximately.

    I don't know about the film beaters. The Super A (my first Pentax) worked parallel with others, so I can't figure anything out by counting neg sleeves. It needed a replacement release button after 2 years. - My M3 looks pretty used and recently had the shutter overhauled.
  19. k10d appr 13000 clicks. in 3 months:)
  20. I just ordered my K100D end of April, took my first shot on May 5th, and I'm closing in on 10,000 now. I think I was around 8,500 last time I checked, but that was a couple of weeks ago (I don't have it in front of me).

    I've been to one (1) Airshow, nine (9) of my Alma Mater's American football games, countless other events and what-not. I typically fire off 700-900 shots at the games (and did over 1,000 at the airshow), filling up both my 2GB SD and typically another 2-3 1GB SDs with largely JPEGs (yes, I shoot lots of JPEG, I'm a noob).

    I don't think I've been to anything where I didn't fill up at least a 1GB card with JPEGs.
  21. I just realized I must have passed 10,000 based on my counter resetting the week before last. I must actually be over 11,000 because I know I took at least 1,000 in the past two weeks.

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