How much would it cost to fix a focus issue on a FA 50/1.7?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by prasanth, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Hi there everyone. I got a back-focusing issue with my FA 50/1.7. I've been ignoring the problem and using my other 50s (all manual) but recently I've decided I should get this thing fixed. I live in Toronto, so if anyone has any experience going about sending lenses to Pentax for repairing I would love to hear your advice. More importantly if anyone knows the price range for a fix like this, I would love to know that too ;)
    Thank you :D !
  2. Surprisingly, there isn't a Pentax repair center you can go to in Toronto; you'll have to put the lens in the mail. I don't know how much it costs to correct back focus, but I can ask tomorrow, because as I just learned from the link, there's a repair center right near my house. How cool is that!
  3. Most of what I've sent back to Pentax has been for warranty repair. For the two that were not one lens was about 80% of it's retail cost and the other was returned with a note that said "cost of repair would exceed the cost of a new Pentax product". Getting an estimate is free and you'll only be out the cost of shipping to fins out. Mail it to them with the repair form and they will mail you a letter with the repair cost before doing the repair. With all repairs you also get a one year warranty covering the lens with the same coverage as a new lens, so there is a premimum for the repair. If I were guessing I would expect to be out $100 to $150 for the repair of an FA50. But again it's only going to cost you postage to find out.
  4. You guys are awesome! Thanks everyone for your info and Leo for your very kind offer. Roger I didn't know I could do that, if anything I might just do that. John thanks for the link to the repair site, I think I will email him too, see what he thinks.
    Thanks everyone again!
  5. Also consider what camera you shoot with, and likely will be shooting in the future. I understand the K20D has a built in user focus adjustment, which the user optimizes specific to a particular lens. I don't know if the K200D has that feature.
  6. Well, the receptionist didn't even know what back focus was. Lenses are sent to Pentax, the service center isn't authorized to service them. Also, estimates aren't free, they cost $35. However, the amount is deducted from the final bill if you authorize repairs. Finally, there's a $25 postage and handling fee.
  7. Hmm may I ask what bf issue you have? If you shoot K100D , K10D or K20D adjustment can be made in the menu
  8. Daniel, Is that right (K100D)? I thought only K20D had it in the menu, and K10D only by accessing a 'debug' menu in older firmware revisions?
  9. Thanks Daniel, good to know. I'll have to see if that works on my *ist DS2. For future reference, here's the link .

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