How much will it cost to repair 600 mm lens?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nirvan_a, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. My canon 600 mm lens fell down on the concrete floor and its not focusing now. The glass seems to be intact. How much will it cost me to repair it.
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    Call your manufacturer's service dept for a quote.
  3. Will the warranty take care of it?
  4. probably not unless they feel like being nice and how do we know whether it will be covered or how much it will cost? Really, just contact the warranty station if you want an accurate assessment (which will of course require you sending it in).
  5. Though not responsive to your question (as others have indicated, you'll have to get an estimate from Canon or elsewhere), I thought it might be helpful to remind folks that the carrying strap, when you have a heavy lens on a camera body, should be attached to the lens, rather than to the camera. On a recent trip to Florida, such a lens detached from the camera body and nearly rolled into the marsh. I was lucky, since it fell onto a wooden walkway and still worked. Since then, I've purchased systems which allow me to attach straps to either the lens or the camera body, depending on lens size.
  6. It might not be reparable if it's the original 600mm f/4 L lens with 'focus-by-wire' USM. Those are the ones where, when the lens isn't attached to the camera or the camera is off, turning the focus ring has no effect. I believe these are no longer serviced by Canon but check your local service centre.
  7. Canon's warranty will not cover this. Impact damage (and other owner errors) is specifically excluded. Some third-party protection plans, like SquareTrade, do cover this sort of mishap but needed to purchase one when you bought the lens to qualify.
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  8. But will it be reparable @Henry Posner. What is the maximum cost I can expect?
  9. And externally nothings wrong with it. :(
  10. Were I you I'd send it to the Canon Service Ctr. in Irvine, CA. Many here, including me, have used them successfully for lens repair.
    No one can say over the Internet that it is repairable or not. Only a hands-on technician can only assess its repairability and cost estimate.
  11. As Ken says, there is simply no way for us to know. In this there are three or four likely sources of the problem, all of which are going to vary in their cost to repair due to the cost of replacement parts (if necessary).
    First, the elements, if a mount for the focusing elements broken or was jammed in the blow, the AF may try to focus, but doesn't have the torque to move the element, in which case, at most you'd be looking at replacement mounts plus the labor.
    Second, you have the focus motor and it's control circuitry. damage to either, or the connectors, or even the internal cabling coming loose from the motor or the control board could be the problem. Hopefully a replacement part won't be necessary, but you should prepare yourself for the cost if it is. Of course the labor is going to be similar regardless.
    As everybody has already said, there is only one destination, and the sooner you get it there, the sooner you'll know what the total cost will be.
  12. :). I wish I know the maximum it may cost.
  13. well, its a $12k lens, most of the time, places declare 'uneconomical to repair' at upwards of 60-70% of the retail price. So maybe, the 'maximum' would be upwards of $6-8k. Of course, it wont be that much but you asked.
    Beyond that, for the Nth time, *NO ONE OTHER THAN CANON* (or their agent) can estimate the repair cost. And they won't do that unless the lens is sitting on their bench. They may be willing to tell you if there is an upper limit to the repair but again, they are the ones to make that determination.
    Let us know how it goes when you call/email them.
  14. Its a $12,000 lens that's now been turned into a boat anchor by the damage. What choice do you have but to repair it or sell it as is for a huge discount. If you used a credit card to purchase the lens, many cards provide additional warranty coverage and/or coverage for accidental damage. It may make sense to check that out.
  15. Canon will tell you nothing until the lens is in their hands.
    The cost will likely be from $500 to as much as the lens is worth.
  16. I wish I know the maximum it may cost.​
    Of course, but how could anyone here know? You're not listening.
    There may be a service charge for even making an estimate on the lens repair, since even Canon wouldn't know without taking it apart some, but if you think it's too much you can still bail.
    I'm not at all sure that the "for parts only" price given above is realistic.
  17. Probably 8 to 10 thousand plus shipping and insurance.
  18. all the comments of 8-10k for repairs is complete nonsense. Canon has flat rate repair prices for almost all of their L lenses.
    it should be around $400-500, If they still carry the parts. if it is an older 600, then you will probably have to find a repair center other than canon. KEH has a flat rate of $195 for any repair to a canon lens greater than 200mm. just call around. if you are going to repair through canon sign up for CPS first. (canon professional services) you will get better service and a discount on repair...
  19. Thanks Benjamin King. I am worried if its going to cost me 10K.
  20. i had a 300/2.8 autofocus fail, not significantly different from your problem. it was $195, the shipping was almost $100 both ways, tho... i think you will only be in a couple hundred bucks if the parts are available. let us know when it is fixed. another good repair company that i have used for out of service parts is Midwest camera repair. they actually specialize in older AF lenses.
  21. This thread reminds me of people who post in online forums for medical advice. Go see your doctor (Canon). If you can afford the lens, you can afford to have it repaired.

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