How much to charge for use of photos on a commercial website?

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  1. A guy wants to use three of my photos on his commercial website and I was wondering what kind of price I should charge? And what kind of contract/conditions should I specify?
    I am not a professional photographer by any means but I have sold a couple of photos to magazines and recently had a couple of photos selected for publication in a photographic book project.
  2. What sort of commerce? How big a business is it? For how long will he want to be using them? How prominently will the images be featured?
  3. It's a bike business. He wants to use them in the technical section so I guess they'll be permanently displayed. He did me a favour previously so I want to be reasonably generous but still more or less professional.
  4. I cannot comment on the price but the contract should state the usage rights including is this web only or does he want to also include this in any print collateral, and the length of the term (is this in perpetuity or for one year?) Also does he have the right to substantially edit the images.
  5. Can't anyone just give me a ballpark figure? Or a price range between -- & --.
    I have no idea at all. I tried searching the internet but useful nothing came up. Does $50/photo for web only use (let's assume in perpetuity) sound about right? Or absurdly low? Or too high? I really have no idea.
    I want to get in the range of reasonable.
  6. grh


    I wish to heaven that photographers would be more open about fees. Having to rely upon, essentially, a single vendor of a single product for pricing strikes me as somewhat absurd.
    In another recent thread someone pointed out that, through Getty, use of an image on a website for 3 months would run $49 (best of my recollection). My point is, go try to license an image on Getty for the same purpose to find their rate for stock photography. Work from there.
    Also, I would strongly encourage you to specify the going rate, and if you desire, offer a discount (steep or otherwise) to clarify the value of what you are providing. +1 on the licensing terms. Note that allowing ad hoc, in perpetuity use would have quite a bit of value, too, so consider the terms in your agreement.
    Or ask for a bike in trade :)
  7. There are license fee calculators:
    Cradoc's FotoQuote is one, D-65 is another, and so is this Stock Price Calculator
    The prices they give are ballpark only, and not everyone is willing to pay the suggested prices. But it will give you a starting place.
    I also suggest you read John Harrington's book "Best Business Practices for Photographers" for more info on licenses and contracts.
  8. OK. Thanks.
  9. Most publicans pay from $25.00-$75.00 per shot. That seem to be the norm at the moment.
    Most newspaper pay just $25.00 a shot. But always try getting more up front. I have it in a contract with each newspaper a certain amount they are willing to pay me.

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