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  1. Hi Guys,
    I knwo this is probably discussed a thousand times, I searched and found quite a bit of interesting info. I did came to a number but it would be nice to get your expert opinion on it:
    What I did was a photo shoot of a Preschool for their Advertisement, its close by so eliminating the travel, but working with the kids is something else.
    Total shots were taken 157 out of which 136 were good.
    Client selected 53 of them.
    3 hours of total shoot time (two days), spent about 2 hours with the client sorting and retouching the shots. She did not want the prints so I burned it on DVD. With 20/hr I got $100 and about the shots I charged 50 to a total of 150 ... Does this sound about right?
    Thanks for your info and opinion in advance
  2. Sounds like you were underpaid. Will you get to advertise your services at the Preschool and their website?
    Not sure this will help. I usually charge around $200.00 for family beach shoot for up to 6 people. After client looks at proofs I let them select 25 images which I tweak (levels, color balance, sharpening) and give to them on a cd. Wrinkles, eyeglass glare would be additional charge. They can have more images @ $5.00 per image.
    I charge more as the amount of people increases. Ex: 7-10 people $250.00 and 35 tweaked images on cd. I probably don't charge enough. They can also order prints and other items from my website, but most probably take the cd to the local drug store, walmart etc... for prints.
  3. I can't answer your question very well, if your day rate is only $160, but may I give you some advice? Sooner than later, you need to work up your day rate. Depending on where you live, it should probably be in the $1500 on up range. Then there are materials. On travel, I don't view it just as time in transit, but also wear and tear on equipment, so keep that in mind. I don't follow your print costs though. If you charge $50 per print, you are multiplying them times 53? That should be in the $2650 range, right? The line items of your billing sound about right, but your prices are way too low.
  4. Cool, because I did not provide a quote yet and since its my first time and I know the client too....
    Thanks John
  5. Seems awfully low to me too. $20 per hour? Wow...and you actually make a profit/living off this?
    Anyway, personally I'd charge for a whole day (as their 3-hour shoots do not effectively allow you to shoot anything else on that day - travel notwithstanding) and then maybe a nominal amount for any number of shots over, say, 50 (or whichever number you feel a client is entitled after a 3-hour shoot, I usually calculate that based on 5-15 per hour, based on the project and the shoot type). THEN, I would charge licence fees based on usage.
  6. Everyone seems to have the magic formula to price a shoot.
    It is impossible to price a shoot w/o more info from the OP.
    Even with more info, it may still be impossible since none of us know the dynamics and/or relationship the OP has with the client.
    Some of us may be able to command $1,500-$2,000/day; some can't and should not even try.
    Part time shooters rarely will make serious money when asked to do a shoot.
    Full time (Proven) performers can make the money.
    Depending on one's market area, (The Photographers Reputation), pricing a assignment will be all over the board.
    Lastly; money is not always the only way to be paid.
    Barter/Trade is often just as valuable as currency when the currency option seems small.
    How a photographer generates income is tied directly to the photographer's ability to negotiate.
  7. The problem here is that the OP did not negotiate an agreement for payment up front. Now, any negotiations are hampered by the fact that he already did the work, and wishes to get paid.
    I always talk about money, and get a signed agreement (note not necessarily a formal contract) before shooting an assignment. That way everyone understands up front what's going on. No surprises.

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