How much is TOO much to pay for the PERFECT domain name???

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by josphotography, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Been shopping for a domain name for a few years, as well as improving my photography for the past few years. And i'm ready!! The first domain name i decided i wanted when i first started looking is what ultimately i've decided i really want to own. I was not prepared though to see the dollar amount it would actually be. Now honestly, i DO believe ANY price is worth it, considering it is PERFECT, but i guess i'd just like to see what others who are established have to say on the matter. Like i said, i AM ready, just wanting some feedback, consultation & reassurance maybe. ;)
    Any response is appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. You won't get any useful feedback about a marketing expense (such as the purchase of a domain name) unless you can comment on how the cost you'll pay compares to the revenue you think that having that domain name will generate. Or is this not about sales of your services/products, and strictly about showing your work for your own gratification? If this is not a business decision (and since you say that any price is worth it, it does not sound like a business-oriented thought process), then it just comes down to what you can rationally afford.

    You'll get better advice if you actually explain more about your circumstances, plans, and budget. Will this domain cost you $50? $5,000? $50,000?
  3. and are taken?
  4. Thanks for your responses. I'm a happy girl. :)
    Matt- What i was looking for was a general response (without revealing a dollar amount), so as to get a general idea of what is common, what has been done, and/or what may be considered ridiculous as far as pricing and dollar amounts are concerned on the matter.
    Of course this is a business decision, and i definitely do not plan on showing my work for my own gratification and rather for the sales of my service. If it was simply for my own gratification, i sure would not have spent a minute of my time searching for a place to discuss the issue, or considered spending a dollar for that matter; Also i'd know exactly where to go to do so for free.
    I realize that i may have explained myself in not so much of a business fashion. I am quick to admit that my business oriented thought process' are in the very early development stages. And i do mean EARLY. Which is precisely why i am here on this forum. Sadly, It is quite unfortunate for me that i seem to be ridiculously clueless to the business side of photography. Which again is why i am here, and why i will take these electronic conversations as much needed advice and priceless knowledge since i am also ready and willing to learn learn learn! :) So again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. :)
    Ellis- I honestly have not checked if what you mentioned are taken or not, and i'm sure they most likely are not. I simply had not considered those exact domains, as i do not use my last name much at all, AND as i whole heartedly hope to one day have it changed to Palacios. ;)
    Plus, my heart is set on a specific domain already. <3
    Thanks again!
  5. I paid $75 for my domain name ( which puts me on the first page of Google and Bing searches for "guitar photography." My web designer said I got a good deal and that I should be prepared to spend up to $300.
  6. Thank YOU Charles. That is great to know, and kudos on getting that for $75!! I took a look at your site as well, ITS truly WONDERFUL!! I'd say you got a GREAT deal. ;)
  7. Are you just talking about a domain name or the hosting as well?
    If you want one that lots of other people are likely to want, a 3 character one, or an obvious one (mostly taken), you'll be paying big bucks.
    If you want, you can get domain name registration plus hosting for a few dollars US per month.
    If you want to check if your intended domain name is available, go to geektools , click on the 'whois' link on the top right corner, fill out the form and it will tell you. If it says "CRSNIC has no information for that domain", then it's available.
  8. A cybersquatter was sitting on the .com name that matched my LLC, although I did secure the .org, .net, and .us. One day, they sent me an email offering it to me for $675. I politely declined. A couple of months later, I got an email that it was up for auction and I should act soon on the $675 before someone grabbed it at the auction.
    Instead, I signed up for the auction, won it at $40, then proceeded to make silly low bids on other "cool sounding" names. Picked up one that I use for a gallery, for $2, and bought some as gifts.
  9. Thanks a BUNCH Seth!! I did receive a "no information for that domain" response, although i noticed that i also got the same response for other sites that i know are not available, i must be doing something wrong. :/ And i was referring to just the domain name, although i obviously will need the hosting as well...And i guess i was assuming they were a seperate service. I'm tryin to learn all this and do it all on my own based on my own research, so i'm sooooooo very appreciative of your input. ty!
    Joseph- You're a genius. I was floored by your response. This is exactly what i needed to learn about. I just knew there had to be a sneaky side to all this, and thank you for teaching the term 'cybersquatter'. :) VERY VEEEEEEEEERY interesting. Kudos to you for finding the auction and snagging up ur site for $40! And buying some as gifts?. Seriously, you are awesome. I need to find those auctions now!
    Lots of love,
  10. It's a bit of learning curve, but fortunately, web hosting has come a long way and you can get lots of space and bandwidth fairly cheap with reputable companies. I've used godaddy and hostgator and both are very good.
    You'll get evrything you need if you pick the right package (usually the standard packages are suffifient for a small business or personal site).
    Usually you can choose windows or linux hosting. I've always gone with linux (my preference) and there are plenty of good and free scripts/shops/galleries/applications a google search will turn up lots. (I've always gone with php as oppsed to asp or any of the others).
  11. What is it worth to you? Only you can know.
    My nickname is Graywolf, back in the day I had although I only used it for email, then I suffered a major illness and during that, they started charging yearly for domain names and I did not have the money, so I lost it.
    When I set up my first website I went with, because that was available. My next website, trying for a short name, was Each cost me about $10/yr because I am registered through my webhost.
    Here is an interesting thing, if someone is using your registered trademark, you can force them to give up the domain name to you.
    However, there is almost always something available that will work for you with out having to buy it from some Shylock.

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