How many use Canon's soft Digital photo professional?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by martindomok, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I have been using Canon soft Digital photo professional and I wonder how many others use this soft for converting RAW files info jpegs (and then into PS).
    That is my workflow, after selecting files I will retouch, first I convert RAWs into jpegs using DPP by Canon and then jpegs are retouched in Photoshop... anyone else with similar experience?
    What do U like and dont like about Canon's soft, thanks...
  2. If you're going to be re-touching in Photoshop, I would recommend creating 16-bit TIFF files from DPP, not JPG. When you're done re-touching the TIFF's, then convert to 8-bit and save as JPG.
  3. Are you kidding. That's just for people with entry-level cameras!
    Seriously, I have no Adobe software whatsoever, but I made extensive use of DPP when I had a Canon, and I do the same thing with ViewNX now that I have a Nikon. I prefer the Nikon camera, but I prefer DPP... so I guess I live somewhere in no man's land. I think Canon's DPP can easily be all one needs, as long as one doesn't have one's butt cheeks sown tightly together.
  4. Rob, so what is the difference, U tell me, in the final image - we are speaking about printing right?
  5. I happily use DPP, and as Rob mentioned, I always export as 16 bit .tiff files, to finish the image with PS.
    (Edit: I also shoot and export in the Adobe RGB format too!)
  6. 16-bit vs 8-bit explained:
  7. I use DPP, it is not the best but it comes with the camera and works well enough for me.
    I rarely edit a photo after converting with DPP so I just save as jpeg. If I need to I can always go back and reconvert as a tiff.
  8. Mike, what sort of pictures do U do, landscape, wedding sports?
    Rob thanks, read, nicely explained...
  9. Mike, what sort of pictures do U do, landscape, wedding sports?​
    I'm not sure why that should or might make a difference but you can find out more about people, their profile and their images by clicking on their names as shown in the post headings.
  10. DPP is a good basic editor for Canon cameras, but for best quality save as a TIFF which is a lossless format. Convert those to JPEGS when needed. Never "reconvert" from JPEG to TIFF.

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