How many Photoshop Elements users?

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  1. This is not a poll. I'm just curious about how big a product this is for Adobe compared to their professional products. I went to the Adobe investor site but I did not see this broken out. The comparison has gotten more complicated with the rise of Lightroom and the CC. Ideally I'd like to see how many current PSE (any version) users compared to LR/CS*/CC (any version) users.
    Has anyone seen numbers like these?
  2. I have PSE but I seldom use it. I do 99% of my editing in LR and only use PSE for the occasional job that requires layers or more detailed cloning. I expect that people who do more compositing and other digital retouching would use it more (or use PS).
  3. I haven't seen the numbers but I'm a PSE user and have been for years. I do as little post processing as possible (mostly cropping, levels, and contrast) so it's pretty much all I really need. I also use NIK's Silver Efex Pro for black and white conversion.
  4. Probably the most problematic about getting these figures is the difference between users and paying customers ;) Lightroom and Photoshop strike me as among the top pirated software, these programs have a much larger userbase than sales might suggest. PS elements - a lot less.
    Personally, I have PSE9 (came with scanner) and use it very little; it does everything I need it to do, so I even don't see much reason to upgrade to a newer version yet. Most of what I do is done in CaptureOne. In my view, most amateur photographers would be perfectly fine with PS Elements alongside something like Lightroom or CaptureOne, but the idea that it is a severly crippled baby-version lives strong, and it still seems to convince people to jump for a pirated full version of Photoshop. Or maybe I know all the wrong people :)
    As far as I've seen, Adobe doesn't split out "divisions" as clearly, but I did not look deeply into their financial reporting. I've never seen easily accessible information splitting out the sales between PSE/LR and PS.
  5. I am a user, but like everyone else, 99% is done in Lightroom. I wish they would be done with it and make it 16 bit for layers, but it's not a big beef for me. I am up to date, but I don't think the latest version was worth the upgrade at all.
  6. I have PSE 11 which I mainly use to add copyright notices to images I finessed in Nikon Capture NX2.
  7. I use PSE4 after I am done w/Lightroom. Most of what I what done is accomplished in LR, but still have need for PSE, especially w/downsizing for the web. When they allow 16 bit processing I would consider upgrading.
  8. I use Lightroom for 90% of what I do, but since I went with the $10/month CC subscription, I dropped PSE for Photoshop. I'm finding it's a better fit for doing some more complicated repairs on scans of old pictures than PSE was, so I'm pretty happy with it.

    The update model for PSE is now centered around annual upgrades. If you actually want bugfixes, you've got to buy the next version. As far as I can tell, the last update to an existing PSE version was 9.0.3 in 2011. Outside of Camera RAW, there were no point releases for any version since.

    If you tend to keep up, the cost of an annual PSE upgrade plus the Lightroom upgrades every 18 months or so (average) isn't that much less than the cost of the subscription when you look at the cost over two years.
  9. PSE user and I remain current with latest version. RAW and B/W conversions are made with Capture NX2, everything
    else in PSE... Mike
  10. PSE 12 got an update to 12.1 and PSE 13 almost immediately got an update to 13.1 so they still do bug fixes.
    I use Elements to process my scanned images. When I discovered the method to create layers on 16 bit images it became a lot more useful. Neat Image and Focus Magic work well with it and Elements+ adds additional functionality.
  11. IIRC Adobe has claimed that Photoshop Elements is most sold image editing software in USA. So probably Photoshop Elements is more popular than Photoshop.
  12. Al, I was an every other update PSE user up through version 9. It was powerful enough (I thought) but in one of the latter versions they removed Camera RAW from it. I shoot RAW so the omission of that meant upgrading wasn't an option for me. And even though I was concerned about being married to Adobe through their subscription service to CC/Lightroom, I pulled the trigger on that. And I have to say, I like CC better... now that I am familiar with it. Even though I considered myself fairly accomplished with PSE9, CC was a whole 'nother ball game. I have an older Dell computer with an early generation quad-core processor (before the i-series) running at 2.4gh with 8gb of RAM. Gotta say, things process more quickly (seat-of-the-pants observation) on CC than they did with PSE. So I guess I'm a convert. Lightroom is just a bonus.
  13. I primarily use LR, but wouldn't want to be without PSE for those occasional jobs. I have both LR and PSE set up for "round-trip"
    expiring/importing, which makes both programs easier to use together.
  14. I mostly agree with Pat above. After attending an "event" and have say, 70 images, then I will use Lightroom initially. Will then post to Facebook, attach to emails etc. It is marvellous for batch processing. However, for a competition, then I will further (or start) my initial results in PSE 11. Using layers is great. Also, Nik Collection is now free - how marvellous ! So now use Lightroom, PSE 11, Elements+ ($12) and Nik.

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