How many of you are "new" to PN and/or Wedding Forum

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by think27, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. I've noticed a lot of new names and I'm curious.

    How many of you are brand new to and the Wedding Forum and how did you
    find it....

    How many of you are here for 1 year or less and how did you find us.

    How many of you are new to the Wedding Forum but have been on for a
    year or more.

    Other... ;-)
  2. I'm here registered and active on and off for almost two years  I think. The forum was recommended to me by a photographer I worked with. A wonderful place! Many many great and talented people.
  3. Just found it the other day. The whole Forum I mean, not just the Wedding bit. Loving it so far!
  4. I have been a member almost a year. I didn't post much in the wedding forum while I was trying to learn to take better photos. I am still not as good as I want to be. I spend a lot of time here but it's mostly spent looking at portfolios.
  5. I have been registered less than a year and found the forum by googling pro photography forums I think. Once I found I went sraight for the wedding and social event forum.
  6. I just lurk. I'm not a wedding photographer (as of yet), but I find this forum a higher class and more knowledge. Nobody asking about what lense to buy or what camera to use. Just real world photo problems with some pretting good solutions.

    I think I've been on for a year now, maybe 2 but time flys.
  7. I think that I have been here just around a year. I don't remember how I got here and the wedding photographer I was working under didn't even know about until this spring. I have learned so much from the forums!

  8. Came on a month or so ago. Found it by browing for ideas. Find the questions to be good solid requests for learning and find the very great majority of the answers to be very helpful.
  9. I think I linked in from myolympus at Yahoogroups. I like the level of experience / expertise of the group. Some can be a little touchy at times, but that's just people. I live in South Yorkshire, UK, I'm professionally qualified and looking to start up wedding work again after a ten year rest; I'm trying to catch up on current fads and trends before I commit. Being an ageing Luddite I'll be using Nikon and film, of course!
  10. I've actually been a member for 5 years. I never really noticed the forum here until I became interested in photographing weddings. I've mostly lurked here for the last 11 months. I've only recently started to really participate more actively.
  11. I found PN when I moved from Australia to Belgium in 2002.

    I was working and needed something to read during my breaks. I use to lurk around all the forums. It helped me find a processing lab and camera centre in Dallas, TX when I went on business.

    It wasnt until recently that I found the wedding forum and give my 2 cents worth.

    It has helped me in all areas and I really enjoy spending my time here.
  12. rjs


    A friend refered me here to set up a portfolio of my work. Im just starting semi-pro wedding photography and came to pick up some tips.

    Im a member of about 2 Days now.
  13. Thanks - keep them coming - I'm really interested and I do see an influx of new members in the past month. Welcome newcomers. Thanks to old timers for all the input and feedback.. Lurkers are welcome too ;-) Just let us know you are there from time to time ;-)
  14. I think I found it by accident, or as a result of a web search.

    You have some really talented and giving folks here. I contribute what I can, but it is nowhere near what I have learned from this site.

    thanks, Gary
  15. I just found it by typing in. What a stoke of luck that was. I Love this site, especially
    this forum. Seriously one day I want to go to a get together of sorts with just those of us on
    this forum. How fun would that be. I'd be honored to meet so many of you!
    And I love the questions of the newer ones because most of us have either thought it or
    wanted to ask it.
    Thanks so much for investing in our love for photography!
  16. I'm a lurker! I've been watching PN for a few years now, mostly darkroom/MF/LF forums. I just booked a wedding to shoot in 2 months(for friends of the family, I couldn't convince them that I was not the guy for the job ;-) ). I figured that I had better get up to speed even though their expectations are somewhat 'relaxed'. I might as well do the best job possible, I want them to be thrilled. I remembered that PN had a wedding forum, and voila. Many helpful threads here, and I've read a lot of good advice from you too, Mary.
  17. By the way, I just that feels good. Kind of like cleaning out the garage, easy to put off but when you are done, you wonder why it took you so long.
  18. I've been reading PN since last century. I posted a bit back then, but mainly used it as a research tool and boredom reliever. I've recently began posting to the wedding forum, as it is extremely interesting as well as informative. The topics have recently became quite insightful, and I've got a few ideas to add and exchange.Don -
  19. The wedding and social event forum has become a regular stop for me. I enjoy seeing people trying to figure things out in what is a very real world situation. What I learn can be applied to any type of photography. It takes a lot of courage and desire to impove oneself to ask for a critique of a wedding shoot. Thanks for making this all hapen. And, Scott Eaton nonwithstanding, I'm very glad to see a professional willing to acknoweldge that 35mm film format still has a serious role. Sometimes, that's all we can afford.
  20. I found this site after purchasing a D70s & D200 (over the past 6 months) and looking for answers. Just learning but love to shoot and enjoy the advice I have received off this board. Initially monitored the Nikon board, but found most of my shooting was low light / inside, and found this board most enlightening, no pun intended. Found the post on "how to handle *Uncle Bobs*" incredibly humorous as I wanted to shoot some pictures at my nieces upcoming wedding. Gained an incredible amount of insight on how the professionals look at us "Uncle Bob's". Thanks to the regular posters, especially the ones who do not feel it is necessary to flame others, which seems very prevalent on just about any board.
  21. I'm not really sure exactly how I got here, but I know that I was posting on the Leica Forum for awhile first, and I think Marc Williams might have been the guilty one for luring me over here. I'm about three quarters retired, shoot film in my Leicas, and am trying to avoid shooting color at all ;-) The Leicas are long ago paid for and they have me trained to make meter readings, focus, and compose for them.
  22. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    I think Al, Marc, and I all remember a heated Leica Forum thread were Marc suggested the birth of a wedding forum, and *poof* a few days later so it was. Been coming and going ever since.
  23. pmj


    Been on since 1997, after reading TWS in 1995 or so. Took an interest in this particular forum, as a reader, earlier this year because I'll be assisting in two NYC weddings in September.
  24. Hi
    I'm new.
    I found this forum only a few months ago, probably when googling wedding photography
    This is my favourite forum because it has a really good "feel" about it. Plus I learn and laugh a
    Nathalie (Melbourne, Australia)
  25. pmj


    Just for fun... I ran a little query on the database. Number of postings in this forum, per month, since January 2006.
  26. Member of PN since March 2003, lurking in the wedding forum (and others) since it's beginning... although not a wedding shooter, this forum gives the most practical tips n tricks, applicable to most forms of shooting (i.e. the series on fill flash etc)

    Patrick, how about a query comparing the activeness of the diffrent forums?
  27. pmj


    I'll be happy to run all sorts of queries, if Brian approves. But I think that would be more appropriate in the Site Feedback forum. Let's keep this thread for new members' introductions.
  28. Found and subsequently joined back in December 2005 after doing a Google search for a wedding forum. The membership fee is minimal compared to the amount of information, assistance and camaraderie that we've received. Thanks so much for providing such a great website!

  29. Patrick - Nice chart! It is as I suspected - The forum is growing in participation. Look forward to working with you in NYC for the Central Park wedding...

    FYI - Eric - The Wedding Forum Idea was brought up by me on March 4, 2004 when Bob Atkins asked for feedback in the moderator forum on two new ideas for forum catagories. That is when I suggested a third new forum...

    Here is what I said:

    "...I have another suggestion. There are many inquiries about wedding photography. They end up in the "People" Forum or in unarchived. I know there is a wedding catagory but it is hidden as a sub of People photography. When I mention to other wedding photographers - they've heard of it...seen it...but didn't realize there was a niche here. If they were to click on "Forums" and saw the catagory [weddings] in the main list - I think it might bring in new members."

    There was some humor at the suggestion.. One mod said he'd run screaming from a wedding forum but thought it would be popular and useful.

    I'm so pleased with how it has grown.
  30. hdp


    I've been a lurker for a few months now.. think I stumbled upon it looking for ideas and perhaps a Google search. Loving the discussions and learning from everyone and just feeding my passion for wedding photography and trying not to be too shy in responding. Can't thank everyone enough for their invaluable input and experience they're prepared to share. Thank you Photo.netters!
  31. I'm not "new" here anymore I guess, but I still visit everyday and I have learned so much! So thanks everyone :)
  32. Been a PN member for a few years, and first landed on this forum a little over a year ago. Not a wedding photographer but I have shot two weddings, against my will AND better judgement. The help I got through this forum was invaluable. I still pop in regularly because I find the solutions to many wedding photographer challenges are applicable to non-wedding situations.

    I'm shooting a lot of pet portraits lately and found the discussions on proofing, web design, etc very helpful.
  33. I was an avid reader of in the late 90s. I liked the discussions so much that I diccovered that my reading time outweiged my shooting time. In the past few months, I have rediscovered PN once again. I am doing more weddings than ever before, so I look forward to coming here to read the comments of like-minded people.
  34. Long time listener, first time caller. Don't remember how and when I got here.
  35. I was doing a research for flash technics and found this forum, I believe in February. I loved it
    so much, it kept me awake till morning by reading all the post on the wedding forum.
  36. I've been at pnet for a few years now, but am fairly new to the wedding forums, having shot my first wedding a little less than a year ago (September). I can't remember how I first found the site, though I imagine it was through a Google search for something that pointed me here.
  37. I've been lurking around PN for a while after an initial post about some equipment. The information and people here are priceless. Thank you to everyone who posts here. I've been doing wedding photography since 2003 and finally went full time with it at the beginning of this year. Without PNs plethora of information, I don't think I would be where I am now.
  38. I've been involved with this fine forum since the beginning, but, since there are so many new people here, I'm backing off quite a bit. I look and post occasionally. This forum seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and is one of the most popular and useful. Good work Mary.
  39. Not new to PN; not new to weddings, but I only recently started visiting the forum. Come to learn and listen and get ideas and find out what works and why; what doesn't and why.
  40. Earlier today, I googled for a San Antonio wedding photographer that would take an apprentice and ended up at this site. It's been 4 hrs and I'm still here hooked up reading all the forums. Great infos !!

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