How long until your clinents see the photos?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I´ve so far always stated in my contract that I would take a maximum of 3 weeks until couples get the photos of
    their wedding (first online, then on DVD).
    I do a lot of selecting, editing, retouching etc., so now that I have a wedding almost every week-end and quite a
    few include travelling, I´ve found it hard to impossible to reach this deadline.
    I think five to six weeks would be ideal for me, at least in the busiest season, but then again, what about the
    impatient bride and groom?
    How much do you take till your clients see the finished photos, and do you put a maximum time in your contract?

  2. I tell them to expect to see all of them online in 7-10 days but genertally have them up and done within 3-4 days.
  3. Speaking from the customer's viewpoint, I think 3 weeks is long enough to wait.
  4. I have a preview up the next day and the rest in approximately three weeks. It's not in my contract, but it's what I tell them and to me it's as good as being written down. I have a wedding every weekend from September to November and several weekends I have two. I'm also a teacher. In today's digital age, everything is immediate and nobody likes to wait. If you can't meet your deadlines during the busy season, consider outsourcing post production.
  5. 1 month for a web gallery with maybe a couple of teasers to keep them happy while they wait. At least another month if they want custom prints.
  6. Are you familiar with sites such as They can be used for scenarios such as these. I have heard of some
    wedding photographers shooting a RAW + jpeg and uploading their jpegs to printroom throughout the wedding, so that the
    bride and groom can get an idea of what they are paying for. It's because of digital. People Think that the pics are ready right
    out of the camera. But they are not.
  7. Same day on If they get proofs, we use Roes and have them back in a week.
  8. The couples gets them as soon as they return from their honeymoon, usually 7 days.
  9. On line in 48 hours. DVD delivered between 2 days and 2 weeks depending on my shooting schedule.
  10. Always less than a week for me, and usually only 3 days for complete delivery. But I rarely travel, and don't like shooting more than every other weekend.
  11. Teresa.

    I do not post any photos online until the couple come in to proof there photos. I do not proof online. I find
    that it is easier and more efficient to let the couple choose their photos and tell me which photos they want
    online for family and friends. I only upload the photos that my clients select. It also gives me the
    opportunity to up sell an album or print package. If they take their time setting up an appointment, then I
    have a more time to devote to those who want there photos immediately. Just remember, once your clients see
    their photos, the excitement is over. Your opportunity to up sell diminishes rapidly. Once my clients select
    their photos, I post them online within 24 hours.
  12. One week when flow is normal. Two when I'm a bit busy.
  13. i post a few teaser images online that night or the next day (blog), then i have the proofs online in about 4 days... i do not let anyone see them until the bride and groom see them, and say it's ok. dvd is delivered in about 2 weeks.
  14. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    My Finished Photos are usually available for viewing the following Wednesday Evening from a Saturday Wedding, (4
    days). This can be achieved by COB Monday, if absolutely necessary.

    No, there is no time written into the contract. (Note also, I am not located in the USA, our ``contracts`` are quite
    simple, by comparison).


    ''I think five to six weeks would be ideal for me. . . etc''

    It seems to me you are very aware and are weighing what is an ideal situation for you, against what might be
    deleterious to your business:

    I suggest you look at all possible remedies: it might be effective to outsource the PP, for example.

    Alternatively it might be that 5 weeks wait could be a promoted as the result of unique selling point of your particular
    business, though, IMO I see more credence in the former example, than the latter.

    Also, it might just be that your PP workflow and is ineffective or illogical to address the outcomes you require. Or
    there might simply be time wasting going on during the procedure.

    Often a close, objective T&M scrutiny reveals shortcomings.

    Most, (almost all), ``systems`` in small businesses, have never really been designed from the ground up, but they
    usually develop by T&E and habit.

    You might find the most useful answers to this question will be found in that scrutiny of your workflow practices:
    another knowledgeable and experienced head doing it with you, is often useful.

  15. Speaking soley as a customer and having viewed all the photos in the wedding section of your website I personally would be more than happy to wait up to six weeks. Your photos have captured beautiful moments and are really well done. If you want something quick go to Ikea if you want quality well made furniture expect to wait.
  16. Lisa said it all, they 're well worth waiting for!!!
    Try to have them ready in 4 weeks max.

  17. I'd say it all depends on your marketing plan. If you have 60 weddings a year, you need a well oiled digital
    workflow that put the images as fast as possible in the hands of your clients, of course with all the quality
    that you charge for.

    Personally, I start my processing on the Sunday (batch, over night process) and my proofs on Monday. Images are
    online by Wednesday in the morning.

    When talking about weeks of waiting, I only ask that long when I have to wait for the
    printing and bidding company to return the album for my clients.

    Remember that a max of 6 or 700 images is more than enough to tell the whole story and 30 seconds to frame
    (meter, compose bla bla bla...) the shot will save you hours in front of the computer.
  18. We ship >> Film ::: about a week -->-- Digital ::: maybe a few days longer.
  19. For proofs I've done it in 3-4 days flat from leaving the wedding, though this was an extreme case as the bride and groomk did not take a honeymoon.

    1-2 weeks depending on honeymoon is more typical, though I usually pass a print of them together as bride and groom the next day, or by e-mail, so that they can wangle all those freebies that newlyweds can often obtain.

    Going regularly on honeymoon is a sure way to guarantee regular free deserts and occasional bottles of wine. Not that i would ever advocate that kind of dishonesty.
  20. It looks far more professional to state 6 weeks in the contract and then deliver the goods early than it does to say 3 weeks and get them out a week late.
  21. I think one of the biggest complaints from brides is how long it takes to get their pictures back from their wedding photographer. In the days of film, brides understood that it might take a couple of weeks to send the film off to the lab, get it developed and printed, get it back and maybe put it into a proof book. And if they were going to be gone a couple of week on their honeymoon there was no point in doing it any quicker. But with digital I don't think customers realize that there is any work to be done after shooting. As photographers we know there is editing out the duds, correcting color balance, exposure and cropping, etc. But the clients don't see that. You might still be able to get away with a couple of weeks because of the honeymoon. But if I were the client and interviewing photographers and was told it was going to be six weeks just to see proofs -- online or otherwise -- I could imagine how long it might take to get to an album. I would say thanks but no thanks.
  22. I post teasers online in a gallery within 24 hours if not 12 hours. and allow myself a week before posting the remainder of the images online for viewing by the party and all guests. If prints are custom I allow 2 weeks. I use Pictage which is a toss up right but they offer good service. It's just a matter of how many clients I have per month to justify the cost. DVD and CDs are also offered and I give those 3 weeks. It also depends on your workload. I'd think 3 weeks is long enough. ?Assistant?
  23. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    ``30 seconds to frame (meter, compose bla bla bla...) the shot will save you hours in front of the computer.`` Omega OC



  24. I have a unique complaint. I got my wedding images too soon.

    There is a huge rush of excitement and emotions prior to and during the wedding day. Also lots of it is
    a big blur (which most brides will tell you). There is a letdown after the ceremony and honeymoon...
    It's natural and always happens after stressful (even happy stressful) situations.

    I got my wedding pictures less than week after (even saw some on the computer the day of which I didn't appreciate at all because it was during the reception and took away from the partying with everyone crowding around the computer instead of dancing). Well, after I got the photos, I wished I had another week or two to "look forward" to seeing the photos.

    I'm not saying quick service is not important - but the same week or the next day? Just some food for thought.
  25. I take about 2 weeks to process the image files, make a few prints and create some collages prior to posting in web gallery.

    I will admit that I work every photo individually even though I do run a few small batches on similar looking image files in non critical areas of the wedding.

    I would agree with Mary ... sometimes a bit of anticipation and breathing space creates a very nice reaction. I would say that it's at the two weeks point that I might get an occasional email asking about when the web gallery will be posted.

    I have 6 to 8 weeks in my contract but I've never taken more than three weeks.
  26. Typically the bride and groom like to have pictures to see when they get back from their honeymoon. That's been the feedback most couples give me. Taking that into consideration my target date is 1 week after the wedding. However, my contract says 2-3 weeks. Also take into account that there is a print sale "window of opportunity" you miss if you wait too long. If you hand out business cards at the reception most family and friends will check your website for a week or two and give up after that. The excitement wears off and it's not so important anymore to view and buy prints.
  27. Delanza that may be true for online proofing. But for me, since they have the proofs - families and friends order as they see the albums and the orders keep accumulating as different people see the proofs and the check marks next to various prints which often works to give them the idea to also put check marks next to prints they like.... and I get the order 6 months plus after the wedding.
  28. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    In regard to the ``window of opportunity`` mentioned, and how that relates to ``on line proofing``, (which obviously has the expected outcomes, of extending the print sales):

    IMO, in many cases, the window of opportunity has almost gone, even at one week.

    FYI, expanded thoughts:

  29. Thanks a lot everyone for your contributions! Definitely gave me a lot of food for thought and will help me figure out what the best solution will be. Thanks!

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