how long time to wait for approval

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by christerandersson, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Now I think it's two weeks since I posted my photos for approval , still pending is it normal here?
    1. Very little about PN is normal. Perhaps its idiosyncrasies are its best features. Learn to love it. :)
    2. Approval can take anywhere from a couple of hours to forever. There seems to be nothing anyone can do about that. There’s a firewall of communication between the guy in the basement who holds most of the power and everybody else.
    3. Until approved, you can post photos to and join in all discussions. You just can’t complete your gallery or have anyone view it, which is a big deal.
    4. If the guy in the basement cared even a teeny tiny bit or had a modicum of business competence, this situation would have been resolved by now.
    5. Stick with it and Welcome! We’re a better community than some of the hapless trappings here would suggest.

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