How is Fomapan?

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  1. I was looking into purchasing 4x5 film, and the cheepest is fomapan.
    It is sooo cheep it is tempting to try, but I also don't want to waste
    money on crappy film. Does anyone have any opinions on this film and/
    or example of photos taken on it (any format is fine). Thanks for your
  2. Check the portfolio of Igor Amelkovich. Always loved the midtones he got with it...
  3. it is so cheap you can try 50 sheets pack with highly diluted rodinal almost for the price of one transparency roll
  4. I have quite a bit of experience woth Fomapan, but only in 35mm and 120 formats:

    Fomapan 100: this is my standard 100 ASA film (though I rate it at EI 80) - prints from it are almost indistinguishable to those from APX100 - the perfect replacement for this no longer made film (OK, maybe Foma is a tiny little bit grainier than APX). Works well with Rodinal 1+50.

    Fomapan 200: I don't have that much expereince with this one; quite OK, but forget rating it at anything higher than EI 125.

    Fomapan 400: has an EI of around 160 (in Rodinal) too 250 at most (in a developer that gives good speed, like Calbe A49); don't even think about pushing with this one; reasonably fine grained in comparison to other cubic-crystal 400 ASA films (but then, it only has about half the 'real' speed of eg. TriX or HP5+).

    Conclusion, I can wholeheartedly recommend Fomapan 100 (especially if you have been using APX100, and are thinking about what to replace it with). The others two films are also quite OK, provided that you rate them at their 'real' (rather low) speeds...
  5. I've used Fomapan 100 (actually Arista.Edu Ultra 100, which is the same thing) in 35mm with good results. Just be aware it is somewhat more prone to scratching than some other films -- I have a problem camera that I can't use it in, this may or may not be an issue depending on how you develop your 4x5.

    Arista.Edu Ultra 100 example
  6. j_h


    i use the fomapan T-200 (120 format), i rate this film at 80 asa and i like this film, i saw on my last developed films (next to the negative numbers) ultra 200, the other films were marked with F pan T 200....
  7. I have used the Foma 35 mm in 200 speed and it seemed fine for that ASA. I too rated it a bit lower, but I'm no pro, so I couldn't tell you the best and worst things about it. Nice mid range film and good price. The blacks didn't touch Ilford Pan F black but most don't imho. I have another roll to scan in tonight and I'll re-up commentary if anything changes. Good luck!
  8. I've only used Foma 200 in 35mm and 120. I shoot it at box speed and develop in 510-Pyro or Hypercat. After going through 100' of the 35mm, and 20 rolls of 120, I've found this film to be very dependable, and easy to use. The 200 speed allows for easy handheld available light portraiture, with very fine grain, and beautiful gradation. Jay
  9. Fomapan 100 (35 mm) in Paterson FX-39 (1+9)
  10. Fomapan 200 (35 mm) in Xtol (1+2)
  11. Fomapan 400 (35 mm) in Xtol (1+1)

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