How goodis 3X optical zoom

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by bob_doroh, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. Im going to australia and am gonna bring my SLR camera but also want
    to get a new Digital, Ive been noticing that most have only 3X
    optical and like 3-5X digital, I know digital zoom is terrible I was
    just wondering what you think of 3X optical, does it really zoom in
    on distant objects and still look good? I know it depends on MP the
    quality, but the displays in stores never have any batteries in them
    so I cant try them out
  2. 3x optical isn't that much, but its pretty much the standard for mid-range Digicams. my 4x on my dsc-v1 is 136mm at maximum tele.
  3. Some companies are producing cameras with 10X optical zooms. I bought a 4mgp Olympus C-750 with a 10X optical zoom (35 to 380mm, 35mm equivalent)and it's wonderful. Excellent images and prints. There is also a 3mgp C-740, depending on your needs and budget.
  4. Also look at the review of the HP945 which has 5MP and an 8x zoom for around $500.
    HP 945 Review
    In answer to your question of whether 3x zooms are good, well, some are better than others, but all are better than "digital zoom"!
  5. What lens(es) do you have for the slr? A 3x optical zoom is likely to run similar to 35-105 for a 35mm. It's unlikely to get any closer than that. So if you like the reach of a 105mm in a 35mm camera, you're fine. You can find 4x which may be similar to a 140mm equivalent. These aren't particularly long zooms/magnifications. Over 4x and you are likely to also be in the realm of the electronic finders. Find a store that will put batteries in. If they can't/won't, then I think you'd need to shop elsewhere.
  6. I am sure it varies from camera to camera, but if you are willing to put up with a little distortion at the extremes, the zooms on digital cameras,whatever the range is decent for the price. I find 3 times is useful and fairly fast. It gives me plenty of room to play, and is my normal shooting range anyway. (Dont shoot basketball nor polo games.) My observation =the longer zoom ranges come with a trade off of some max aperture which for my shooting is more desirable than the FL range of a zoom. PS: Idea: If the camera uses AA, bring your own batteries and memory card and do your own test,heck its your money. Or insist that the sales people set it up for you. A half decent place will do that, eg Circuit City. There exists,contrary to what you said, a selection now of 3X and some decent longer zooms. Latest Consumer Reports rates models in both categories..I am pretty satisfied with the 3X lens of the Camedia 5050.And wife is pleased with the 3X of the 4000 model. And both open to 1.8 and 2.8, kinda nice for indoors work.You have GOT to try them out, bob. Got to.
  7. Well, you did mention that you preferred 5x. So the answer is; 3x is no good. Since there are cameras which meet the 5x criteria and even 10x, those may be much much more suited to you?

    3x really isn't that much and if you already are expecting something more than 3x... I think you'd probably end up not very happy with it.

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