How Good are Russian Cameras?

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  1. Thanks Marc for these postings. This was a good month! The Salomon article is one of the best I have seen in magazines.

    A very nice series by Robino in the Royal-X Pan test. The little boy would be about my age today.

    Pentax K, Minox B and Leica M2 featured - that was some crop for this classy year.
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  2. Excellent, full of engrossing reading.The Russian Camera article was of particular interest to me, and the very informative article on Erich Salomon fleshed out my scant knowledge of this historic character. Thanks, Marc.
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  3. I have several USSR cameras and have really enjoyed using them. The glass is okay too. I like them because they are a tool of a bygone era. They compare okay with western cameras, but they are certainly not as fancy. That is not a slight to the folks that built and used them, they had different motivators than the west. If you enjoy collecting cameras, I suggest you look at these beauties. Here is my favorite FED 2 with a Jupiter 8 (50mm/f2).

    [​IMG]FED 2 by Henry Chavez, on Flickr
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  4. I'll second that! The amazing thing to me is that the Soviets took a couple of nearly hand-crafted cameras (Leica and Contax) and were able to convert them into really MASS-produced cameras that actually work (FED, Zorkii, Kiev).
    (The "Contax" and the gold
    "Leica" are ringers)​
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