How far from normal is acceptable?

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  1. That's the same thing I was thinking. I know that a lot of people who learned photography with digital cameras think that, if it's not perfect out-of-camera, it's a failure. And those people might feel the same way about their negatives, if they get into film photography. This is a good reminder that perfection is a matter of perspective with film.

    Thanks, Marc!
  2. A good year to discuss deviations from the normal. Thanks for posting these, Marc!

    Lots of common sense in the article about "normal" negative density, exposure and development. Useful even for those of us that do not print but scan. I get nostalgic about Panatomic X; especially given that the article proves that it had latitude.

    There is an outstanding article on war photography in the 35mm techniques column by Stackpole.

    Exakta was getting out their VX 1000 and VX 500 models, last of a breed. From the prices, the Japanese competition was clearly eating their lunch.

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