How does one shoot 5x7 when NO film is available?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by mike_walker|11, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. I am just enetering into the LF arena so I probably sound real stupid but_
    I checked B and H for slide film in 5x7 and there is only 1 available. What am
    I missing here. Are we using 4x5 sheet film with an adapter?
  2. 1. You don't need an adapter to shoot 4x5 film in a 5x7 filmholder. Just put the film in in the other direction. I've tried just placing the film in the center and haven't had a problem with it sliding, although in principle it could if you handle your filmholders roughly.
    2. The lack of 5x7 films has been about the only thing being discussed by 5x7 users for the last several years. (We certainly haven't been discussing all the new films in our format). Where have you been? Have you been paying attention?
  3. You can always cut 10x8 film down to 7x5 using a rototrim or similar cutter. Not as nice as buying a box of 7x5 at your local photo shop, but it's one way to get the size you need.

    Also, keep yourself plugged into the LF groups and forums. Every once in a while someone will pull a group together to make a bulk buy. There's rumors of another 400Tmax buy which will undoubtedly include some 7x5. When these opportunities arise, buy a couple of years worth of film.

    Sadly, that's about the best you can do other than switch to either 5x4 (a reducing back for your existing camera maybe) or 10x8 or other supported format size.
  4. What do you mean that NO film is available? If you've GOT to shoot positives, use the one that's available now from B&H, of course.
  5. Plenty of 5x7 film is available, just not much color film in the USA. B&H lists 11 types of B&W 5x7 film (7 in stock). Plus they have Kodak Portra 160NC. So saying that "NO film is available" is not accurate.

    But note that their "5x7" slide film is really 13x18 cm.
  6. try for more film choices.
  7. OK Ellis, I just went to Calumet's site. Since it offers no convenient sorting by size, I reviewed every one of the 188 color film products offered. No 5x7, reversal or negative.

    I suggest trying Badger Graphic Sales instead:

    Jeff is currently out of stock on Provia, but can offer Velvia 100F for immediate delivery.
  8. Freestyle carries a lot of black and white 5x7 film.
  9. I have never ventured into this world of LF. My apologies I only checked B and H slide film. I didn't look at negative or B and W.
    the transparencies are what I am interested in. I guess I should think about 4x5 instead. Thanks for the responses
  10. Also try Freestyle the all types of film for 4x5 or 5x7 or 8x10,
    color or slide as a matter of fact they have a sale going on now!
  11. The primary appeal of upgrading from 4x5 to 5x7 is to get B&W contact prints in sizes that are "large enough". (4x5 prints are viewed as "too small".) So there's not a lot of market pull for 5x7 color film. There is a somewhat larger market for 8x10 color film, used where folks want the largest image they can get, so that's still on the market. (Museums still use a lot of 8x10 color film.)

    Since most transparency images in large format are used for publication, either by making direct CMYK halftone separations, or more likely today by scanning, 4x5 meets most folks needs, since the image can be reduced or enlarged. There are few applications where the large format transparency itself is the "deliverable", what is viewed by the public.

    Cutting down 8x10 with a rotary trimmer isn't all that hard, but it's almost inevitable that you will wind up with some dust on the film. I cut down 8x10 to 9x12cm and 3A size.
  12. Lots available in all flavors .... you just need to search a bit. See the table I did at
    It's a little out of date but pretty much still ok. J&C is OOB, Kodak is not making any color neg
    anymore and Velvia 50 is now also available in 5x7.
  13. You can try using normal (as in photographic) paper for B+W when there is literally no film. And if they stop producing that, mix your own emulsion like they did in the good old days.
  14. I got some 5x17 B/W you can cut if you want. It's a BerggerForteJ&CFreestyleSilverprintfotoimpexEuropanEctrEctr. It's 200 ISO still very fresh.

    No color not a single sheet 5x7 had been imported to this counry in this year.
  15. At least in the actual product catalogue ( Ilford still lists 5x7 inch sheet film.

    I hope that they don't abandon it so soon. Due to the lack of a functional darkroom for LF printing I'm stuck to 6x9 cm, but I long for the moment I can install my enlargers and be able to print 5x7 and 8x10 bw-negatives...
  16. Besides needing a much bigger and harder to find enlarger, welcome to the number one reason I shoot 4x5.
  17. I love it when an old thread gets exhumed. +1 to Daniel Bayer.

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