How does one adjust the M6 shutter release travel?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by matt_veld, Nov 5, 2000.

  1. My M6 has a long and jerky shutter release. If I press it down and up once without releasing the shutter it then becomes quite smooth to release. I have ordered a Abrahamsson soft release, however that won't shorten the travel. I have read somewhere, the LUG I think, that it is possible to adjust the travel length of the shutter release. Can someone enlighten me on how exactly does one go about this? I don't want to send my little baby away again to Leica for another few weeks wait.


    Thanks in advance.
  2. How old is your camera? The fact that the shutter is jerky in its
    travel would seem to indicate that it is time for a CLA.
  3. John, the camera is an early 95. It was sitting on the dealers shelf
    for a couple of years before I bought it. The shutter release is
    nowhere near as smooth as the M6 TTL 0.85 I recently bought. It's due
    for CLA and I should be getting this done.
    As far as adjusting the shutter release travel is concerned I think
    it is too long on the M6 TTL as well and I would like to know how to
    adjust it myself if possible.
  4. Well, you could get a Dremel Moto Tool, with a metal grinding bit,
    and ............
  5. Well I am not a repair technician and I would consult one before
    doing anything myself. If it needs a CLA, see if they can adjust it


    The shutter release "knob" moves a "release rod" pushing
    against a flat spring that actuates arresting lever "A" (first curtain
    away, Captain), and through another series of linkages,
    arresting lever "B" (second curtain held until further orders from
    timing mechanism, Sir) to start the whole shabang working. This
    flat spring is located by the mainshutter rollar assembly in the
    bottom of the camera. It seems to me that the flat spring could
    be bent to adjust the release point of the shutter release knob.
    How this would affect the meter "on" switching I cannot say.


  6. I've just got my M6 back from a CLA and the shutter release is as
    smooth as silk so is the the film advance lever operation. I asked
    the technician to adjust the travel length and it seems shorter and
    it's definately lighter as well. I'm a happy Leicaphile once again.
  7. You got all that done in 4 or 5 days? Wow, who did the CLA that
  8. Had it done by Leica, New Zealand. They did it quickly as a special
    favor. I noticed the other day however that the shutter release
    collar has had a tiny amount of black paint applied in a very thin
    line for about 1/3 of it's circumference. I assume the repairman
    marked the collar while removing it. I'm not going to complain about
    it because it really is hard to spot (need a loupe to see it although
    my finger can detect it) and the camera is as sweet as now even
    better than the new TTL I bought.

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