How do you store your prints?

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  1. Hi,
    I print quite a few of my images up to about 11 x 14. I am starting to accumulate quite a few. Do any of you have any recommendations as to a archival quality way of storing prints that will still let me look through them occasionally?
  2. I used to print that big but the stacks build up to be quite bulky. However I have bought quite a few albums at Michaels that hold prints. About $12.00 for an album. You can just buy an album that fits the size print you want to store and it holds 1 picture on each side of the page. I am sure there are better ways of doing it. However I ran out of steam for it and do not print out that much anymore. I did just have a large number of prints made of my daughter's wedding in various sizes but the pictures are for my daughter and also an album for my wife and I.
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    Similar to Ross, I used to use Itoya Art Profolio albums that come in various sizes. I think that's still a good option if you want physical prints. I no longer do that; instead, I either rely on or my own website. In the future, I'd like to have an iPad for displaying photos (among other uses) -- an electronic album.
  4. Hi, Park, I order archival storage boxes to fit the size print, using archival interleaving between the prints. When storing the
    boxes, I write on the outside of the box the subject(s) of the prints and any other useful info (like negative numbers, dates,
    etc.) for quick retrieval. You could also keep a list of which prints are in which box for easy access.

    Because I've been unhappy with the customer service of the supplier of the boxes I use, I won't recommend them although
    the boxes are fine. --Sally
  5. Thanks. What I am really looking for is some sort of accordion or filing system so that it is more convenient to look through than a box
  6. I use archival tissue between print surfaces, put editions in either archival envelopes, or flip top portfolio box, and put them all flat into drafting drawers. I also use a hygrometer in the room set to 40%.
  7. you could try this; saves a lot of space as well
  8. I've got a couple of portfolio cases with the 18x12 and 15x10 inch prints and older prints from the days of film are kept in boxes under the bed.
    And a fair few prints are framed, and on the walls of my house.
  9. I make Lambda prints in varying sizes up to 30x40 which I layer between acid free tissue and store in a plan chest.
  10. I bought one of those portfolio semi-hard cases, It fits most of my prints nice and flat. I dont know what I am going to do once I reach the limit of the bag. I might have to go to a larger one or get a second.
  11. I hit the jackpot a few years ago at a second-hand office furniture store and bought a metal map cabinet with huge drawers that can easily take 30x40" prints as well as 2" deep print boxes. Talking my friends into helping me bring it home and carry it up two flights of stairs took some doing, but I cannot think of a better cabinet for print storage.

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